Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 9, Another Week and still loving it

 August 19, 2013

Okay, really fast because I don't have time, so I am discarding grammar completely, Sorry! 
I need stamps and more stamps! After today I will have 2 for Canada and needing 2 to finish sending the ones I have to send. Stamps please por favor
This week has been a great highlight, we got 2 people to commit to be baptized next month.

Other things that happened this week, my leg has gotten a lot better but we worked to hard Monday and so Tuesday we had to stay home because I shouldn't re injure it. Because then I have to wait a long time. I have lost so much weight that one of my investigators said that I look thinner than on the first day. So either I am losing weight or my body is changing to be aerodynamic... Speaking of which my front tire has been a lot better this week, but it looks like there is duct tape instead of rubber so today I am getting a new tube.

On Saturday we had exchanges with the Zone leaders, Elder Putnam and Elder Bernards. I was with Elder Putnam on the bikes and a marine flagged us down to talk about joining, but we taught him about the restoration. Then a drunk guy wanted to talk to us, but we were late for a lesson so we told him sorry we have to go, and said that is okay and stumbled back to work. After that we went to the lesson which they forgot about. Elder Putman looked at me and said there was going to be someone we can talk to on the over to El Camino, and right then someone walked out the door with their daughter so I said, how about him? Turns out he has met with the missionaries for 3 years in Bakersfield and he dropped them and so he said after we were about to leave I will call them when I get back to Bakersfield. So we felt good and headed to Rio Camino where we invited by a Enteragator (eternal investigator) to be baptized. He said yes and told us (all in Spanish and I understood:) that the JW's came over yesterday and he turned them down because he likes our teachings . The spirit was so strong and powerful at the moment and we both testified about how awesome getting baptized is, and a good idea. Then went to El Rio to talk to a investigator who wasn't home. We headed home to finish up some meeting with the exchange.
So yesterday me and my companion (Elder Fairbourne) went to one of our investigators house who is married to a member and she was sleeping, so we talked to him about priesthood and baptizing people because she wants him to baptize her and then she came down and we shared the Mormon message and she didn't pay attention and missed it so we are going to try it again and maybe move the date to something earlier then September 30th.
That is what is new and some old stuff, and family I need stamps if you want a letter this week.... maybe

Elder MacKay

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