Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 1 - June 25, 2013

Hey guys, Elder Mackay here for a short time! Jk I got my companion to change my laundry around for me as I write you this letter/email.
Well I am doing good, I am learning Spanish fast and I am learning by the spirit. On Friday we to teach a Argentinean Marcelo, who speaks little English, like Hello, how are you and counts 1 to 10. So we had to teach him in Spanish and it was hard. But he has a wife who is carrying a baby so we talked about God’s love and how he blesses families. I bore my testimony in 100% Spanish on day 3 about that and he understood and almost started to cry. We all felt the spirit.
Saturday was interesting because I had to go to school but it is only in Spanish, but it was good. Life is treating me good and I love it.
My companion is awesome, he is from Draper Utah. The District is even better, we have Elder Evan (my companion), Elder Griffin and Elder Phillips. Griffin is from Provo, Phillips from Bear lake Idado. We have Elder Kidman from Cache Valley and Elder Webster from Tuscon Arizona. The last two Elders are James from South Eastern Washington and Simpon from Masura. Anyways they are great and so all know this is weird trying to type in English for a change.
I am not sure what else to talk about, I am doing fine, I hope you are doing fine. I love you guys and stay strong for the next two years. I hope to hear more from you as time goes on and if you people don’t know, there is a website that will send me a letter for free but not your homemade banana muffins (when are they coming?) I am not kidding, I would love some rightnow.
Oh you guys, remember Kurt Robertson? Well his is in my zone which is amazing, my zone and Elder Robertson.
I also go to go to the Temple today, it was great and very fun. The cafeteria was pretty good and pricey after eating for free at the MTC and getting more food, but it was fun.
And ya Final thoughts, send me banana muffins, 3-4 family names for the temple, letters, emails, drawings, pictures, Elder James wants a turtle.
Final Final thoughts, love you all, thank you so much for letting me come here and leaving you all for two years and forking out a lot of money. Love you loads talk to you next week
Elder Mackay

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