Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 4, Hey people how has your week 4 been?

 July 16, 2013

OK, well Hello!
Life was good this week, me and my companion got one investigator to commit to be baptized so he can go to the temple and be with his family together forever! Speaking of my companion his surgery went good he got 3 screws taken out of his leg and on the 22nd he  will get the staples taken out.

Well Elder Robertson is heading for Peru and I ran into Elder Orth from Cranbrook. It seems that the longer I stay here the more friends come here as well! It is crazy packed in the MTC right now and I hope it stays like that for a while now.

Thanks for the package, it was a good package with my camera charger and many other useful tools like those cards, I have given a couple out already to missionaries who left like Elder Robertson.

Some random news, my branch is getting disbanded. So my district is the last one and the branch president gets released a week before we leave so get put into a new zone for a week.

Hey dad my room is right next to a Korean zone and a lot are going to Seoul, it turns out it was split into 3 different missions Seoul North, Seoul, Seoul South.

I got some pictures while on my temple walk, and here they are!
-elder mackay
Temple Selfie

Temple Walk

Spanish Fork from the window in his apartment.


Elders in the zone

Part of the zone that left early.

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