Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 18 Transfer Calls!

October 21, 2013
Hello everyone.
So I am STAYING in the San Buena Ventura Branch for 6 more weeks and Elder Cavasos is coming to work with me.
So a lot happened this week but I have forgotten it all, so in a nut shell:
We are having a baptism on Nov 2nd for 2 investigators ages 10 and 9. Their mother we have re-activated (Hna. Diaz) its going to be pretty fun. We have taught all the lesson there interview is on Thursday and then we will set up the program!
So were also teaching a family of 4 (mother and 3 kids) the mother is a member but has coming in a couple mouths and she works all the time (3 different jobs) so we have taught her kids over the past couple weeks and they all got baptized Catholic but don't think they need baptism again so we talked about authority and they understood.
This week were also dropped a man named Ricardo because he kept falling though with appointments. But Saturday he called and said we forgot about him and he said he wanted to meet up later that day so we did and he told us he wants to get baptized on Dec. 7th so we said ok and this is how your going to have to do it. set up more appointments (2 a week) for the next couple weeks and he is good to go.
anyways love you lots!
-Elder Joshua Mackay

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