Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 20 Another Great Week

November 4, 2013

Hello again my good friends
I hope your week was just as good as mine or even better!
Lets start on Tuesday cause that when stuff happened. Tuesday. we had a great day as always but Tuesday we found a new person Delia is her name we have been meeting with her daughter we invited her to go to and watch some videos and she did that and said she really liked it. so we talked to her mom a little bit and shared some scriptures and talked to her about prophets and set a return date, said a quick prayer.
Headed down the road where we meet with the Vera family and taught them the 10 commandments and invited them to church and they said they will try to come but Sunday is there bowling day so they couldn't promise anything. 
After dinner we went to another family's house cause the father wanted to teach me Spanish so for the first 30 minutes he taught me the Spanish numbers and how they work, and for the next 30 minutes we taught the plan of salvation and they loved it a lot and then they said "we love your teaching but we don't like what happens at the church "and we asked "what do you mean" they told us how they thought we still believe in polygamy and were concerned that they would enter the church with one mother and come out with another so we explained that and they said they are coming to church this week. and that was Tuesday.
Wednesday. We did exchanges with the distract leader so I was with Elder Smith. OK mom skip the next sentence. so here in Ventura they has been a lot of murders 6+ in the last 2 weeks. So we went over too our investigator's house Karen and we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she liked it a lot and after she asked if we could say a prayer for her friend who was recently shot and killed just down the street so we said a prayer and she was very thankful and we walked away counting blessings. Wednesday was a great day.
Thursday. Halloween so we had to return to the apartment at 7:00 pm. but never the less we worked hard. We had found 4 new investigators that day!! Blessings. All older guy and Catholic. But in the morning we went to find a Guadalupe and we found him, he had just got home from work and we asked if we could teach him a quick lesson he said sure and let us in. We started with a prayer, taught him the restoration and when we finished he asked "How can I know that what your telling me is true" we replied "You got the read the Book of Mormon" he responded "well give me one" so we ran to the car to get one and brought it back and he said he will see us Sunday so we told him what time it is at and left so he could shower and start his day off work. 
Then walking down the street we saw 4 guys staring at us so we walked by and said nothing the person we planned on see wasn't there so we decided to go talk to that group of man. So we walked over there said hello and they asked what we are doing dressed up in white shirt and ties so we explained that to them and they asked us to teach them something that other churches don't have so we taught the restoration and one of them left cause his phone went off and soon after one more guy showed up and he asked a question about where our spirits go and so we answered him using the bible the book each of them was, they were surprised we could do that. They then asked were my companion is from and he talked about where he if from and how he changed from Catholic to Mormon they started to laugh at him and teasing him about why he changed he then asked "do you have the gift of the holy ghost?" they said "No" we then flipped to where Peter is talking to a group of people who were baptized by John the baptist and how he only had authority to baptize but not to give the holy ghost, they asked "well do we have to get baptized again?" we replied " yes until you get the gift of the holy ghost and our church the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is the only church that gives that gift to people after they are baptize"they were quiet for a little bit and asked us to come back he set up an appointment and just as we were leaving they asked us "are we bad man for offending you" my companion said "you guys are great man its OK I forgive you" and we left great day!
Friday. we went back to Maria Carrera house because that referral wasn't in Ventura so we asked her where it is and she told us and she got talking about her son and what is going on and how she doesn't know what to do so we shared some scriptures prayed taught about fasting and she asked us to fast for her family this week so we did. We talked some more about thing we can do to help prayed again and left. That night we had a lesson with Ricardo we taught him the Plan of Salvation. he liked it he told us more about why he wants to get baptized in December and told us a little bit of his history we set up another lesson prayed and then we headed home for the night.
Saturday. Saturday we went to go meet with Guadalupe but he wasn't home but his son was so we talked to him a little bit and he said that he went to our church back when he was 13 so we talked to him and he said he was going to be there and told us a better time to catch Guadalupe we said a quick prayer with him and asked if we can come back and teach him and he said sounds great Thursdays are my day off work, so hopefully Thursday we meet with him again.
Sunday. was a normal Sunday not a lot happened a lot of people out with there family but not even a single person who said they were coming came to church so we felt alone but it was all good.
so anyways have a great week I love you all take care
-Elder Joshua Mackay

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