Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 13 For some Reason the weeks keep getting better

Sept 16, 2013

Okay well first off hello.

0k so this week seen one of my companions as a district leader we had to give 2 baptism invites and go to a baptism
Monday. had my first tie trade and I feel very good about it. got some great ties and lost some great ties but its all good fun! oh and transfer calls!
 I'm in ventura serving in san buena ventura branch with elder hernandez elder pann as my companion then there are 3 sisters and 2 other elders in the branch!

Tuesday. transfers!! meet my great companions and got to work once again. well paper work the other 2 elders in the branch elder cavazos and elder fernandez are white washing/opening a brand new area in the branch so we had to divide our area into two areas and that took up most of Tuesday then we went to a less active part member family and talked with them and they said we always show up at the right time to help them.
Wednesday. district meeting!! so that took up alot of the morning and little in the afternoon but then we went to work we tracted 2 streets and got a few new investigators it was awesome. we had a recent convert feed of dinner (enchiladas) so good. and we played a book of Mmormon game elder Hernandez created about the gadiandton robbers.

Thursday. we had a baptism interview with a kid named james (the one that got baptized this week) and so we drove about 20 minutes to ojia and then headed back to get back to work where we had a lesson with a investigator named ricardo getting baptized next week (21st) if he keeps on doing the things he should be. and then we went referal searching to see if some members had referals for us and they did.

Friday. we went contacting those referrals but none of them were at home. but we continued to work and found some new investigators well of course after weekly planning... got to love it but we had lunch at this place called the Cross oh man I should have brought my camera to take pictures sorry.

Saturday. we had to go to that baptism so Elder Hernandez could take care of some paper work you know those baptism records. so we went to that and we showed up and we had to sing a musical number and it was a great baptism but Ojia doesn't have a baptism font so we did it in a pool.
Sunday. MAN I LOVE PRIMARY PROGRAMS. so we had a primary program if you missed that and man those kids had the spirit with them they song my favorite song to oh it was great and i understood alot of it as well. then we had meeting for awell and when out and worked hard.
so ya that was the week so have a great one love you all
-elder mackay

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