Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 2 - hola teirre como esta

July 2, 2013

Hey People, how are you doing? Good? Well that is good anyways! Ya!
Ok, well Marcelo my investigator said he would get baptized then we found out he was a teacher… and isn’t getting baptized because he has already come home from his mission. And we got 2 new investigators Diego and Santigo. I haven’t met them because Diego was sick and cancelled and I teach Santigo tomorrow.
Ummm oh we get to see the stadium of fire on Thursday which is going to be good
On Sunday we had sacrament all in Spanish it was pretty cool how much I got out of it.
And after the sacrament we met with Brother Monson, who is in my Branch Presidency and is President Monsons nephew. Which is pretty cool and exciting, he has such a awesome spirit with him and he listens to it, he listens well.
Spanish is slowly but surely getting better and I found that on e Elder in my district is leaving on the 24th of July and then gets home on July 2nd and everyone else leaves the MTC on the 29th or 31st and then gets home June 1st or June 2nd. He is a little upset and says he will miss us.
Well any other questions?
And I could use some shirts, jeans, garments and my camera charger and cord if there is one.
Anyways I know this one is short, but nothing cool is happening.
Anyways love you all
Elder Joshua MacKay

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