Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 19 I ran out of idea for topics so - weekly email!

October 28, 2013

OK this week was been a lot of fun
So after transfer meeting Elder Cavazos and I where driving to get some food for the week and we seen a red truck in the road with a dirt bike on the ground and a biker get up and moving it to the side of the road so we pulled over to help and we seen Elder Hernandez get out of the truck to back it up (missionary rules) and it turns out that they didn't have a phone to call anyone so I got to spend an hour with my older companion after they got hit by a dirt bike!
Just 1 funny story this week.
So Monday Elder Hernandez packed all day and then we went to the cross to write in shout out journals. (I will send pictures)

(Side note from Heather, for those of us wondering what the Cross is, here ya go!  The Cross)

Tuesday. Transfer meeting and the car crash, and not much after that.
Wednesday. we had a lesson fall though so we went to go see a part member family(vera de la luz) and we taught the kids so at the beginning of the lesson we asked them if they had read the book of Mormon at all and they hadn't so I asked if they had any questions about anything and Steve the oldest asked "how can we make God happy"  I responded saying I don't know can I see your book of Mormon so he handed it to me and I opened it up and read the first thing I saw that scripture talked about how God is happy of what we have done already and what makes him happy and he was surprised that I answered his question like that then Kimberly asked "does every one make it to heaven" again I said I don't know and opened the book of Mormon and that scripture talked about healing people that are lame and deaf, wounded and many other illness and I told her we are all spiritual sick and deaf but though Jesus Christ we will all make it to heaven. that was a powerful lesson and they said they are going to start read the book of Mormon.
Thursday. Thursday we found a new investigator named Maria Carrera she is catholic and doesn't think that God talks though the pope like he talked though the old prophets we told she is right and there is a prophet on the earth right now and he is in our church we shared a couple scriptures with her about that and we asked if we could pray with her and she said we could but she wanted to give us something. So she went back into her house and 2 minutes later came out with a piece of paper with her sons address on it and said I want you to teach him this as well. We then said a prayer and created a return appointment and went our different ways.
Friday. one of the members of our branch took a tumble down some stairs and ended up in the hospital so we went to make sure she was OK we went to the first hospital and she wasn't there we then got a call from the branch president (President Rivera) saying he had checked both hospitals and she wasn't at either but we tried the other one regardless and we found her there so we talked to her made sure she was alright and went back to preaching the gospel. Of course after we shared a message with her and her son and friend that was there but they live in the other Elders area.
Saturday. so Saturday was a good day as well we meet with some investigators that want to get baptized but can't cause their dad doesn't want them to get baptized but we talked about taking steps of faith stepping into the darkness and the light will follow. So we created a baptism service program. We then met with the Gonzales family the father doesn't like transfers so we were scared what might happen with having a new companion but they opened the door said come on in its very nice to meet you, when can we feed you guys dinner and teach Elder Mackay some Spanish? We looked at each other and said How about Tuesday? they said OK that sounds great! we then did some get to know you stuff and talked a little bit about the plan of salvation and told them that is what we will talk about on Tuesday. They are something else they are better then golden investigators.
Sunday. so after church we went to a lesson that forgot we were coming and asked us to come back some time later this week so then we went and had some lunch studied Spanish and headed back out the door and we went to see the Vera family and there was some older man there that we have never met before but we knocked on the door and Steve opened it and the man said that they aren't interested and to go away then the kids (Steve, Jakie, and Kimberly) all looked at him and said "What!?" and it was really funny but he didn't want us there so we said OK have a great day be careful and stay safe. We're planning on going back either today or tomorrow or both:)
well that was the week in a nutshell it was great!
love you all see you later
-Elder Joshua Mackay

This is what Josh's area looks like...

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