Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Week in the past

February 23, 2015

Well Hello there it was been a pretty good week this week with lots of fun and sun... not really it rained all weekend but we need the water.

Well this is what happened:

A. Newbury Park is awesome. We had a missionary return home this week he served in New York, New York City South, and he we had a birthday/return party cause his birthday was the day of his return and we had a ton of people there, mostly English but we had a gold Spanish investigator show up her name is Reselda she is awesome! Elder Passey said that she dropped them when he first got here but her entire "heart" of the church changed and she even came to church we are going to meet her this week and maybe baptize her in 2 weeks if all goes well.

This week we also help a resent convert write a talk to give this past Sunday and it was awesome her topic was "how can I strengthen my testimony daily" it was perfect for her because she could use but it was awesome they had me bear my testimony because I am the new missionary and then her talk and then Elder/Brother Diaz the one that just got back. It was a awesome day at church Melony the resent convert did a very good job on her talk we are proud of her!

Also this week we had a weird Thursday without district meeting but it turned out to be a great day! We met with alot of people and had a couple lesson we meet with Jenny that day too and we talked about faith and enduring to the end it was awesome, but we found out she wasn't reading the Book of Mormon..... so we committed her to give it another effort and we will see what happened this week!

C. Elder Passey is awesome he is really fun to serve around and when ever our plans fall through he always has someone we can go and see.

T. This week I read about testimony vs. conversion in the ensign along with other things and it was interesting to think that were really not converted at baptism but its an on going process and we have to strengthen our testimonies daily and keep on moving forward.

S. This week we were able to help someone bring in their groceries and get a couple other more dirty projects set up for this week! I have missed working in jeans....

Well I cannot wait to dig some holes!!!!! I had to convince the person to let us do it but it wasn't that hard....

Anyways have a great week! Sorry I forgot to take pictures...

-Elder Joshua Mackay

Pictures from the Mission Presidents wife Sister Felix from their last zone conference.

Birthday Recognition 
Newbury Park
Zone Conference
Tie trade!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Fly by Week

February 16, 2015

Hello there!

I had a great week this week I didn't get hurt on Friday.... and Saturday I was stuffed with all kinds of goodness!

so this is what happened this week!

A. Newbury is going good. we had a great week! well this week flew by cause I can't remember to much about what happened but we did have a solid miracle here. we have been trying to see this less active lady and we could never find her but this week as it happened, turns out she is a care giver and she has work a 24 hour day and then a 12 hour day and then again a 24 hour day, you get the point she was working a ton, but her client passed away and so now she has less hours and so we got to talk to her and then she said she would be at church this coming Sunday so we will see what happens.

Then we went to a investigators house and a member opened up the door and she told everybody that she left for Mexico or somewhere but turns out she didn't go or something, I don't know all I know is we had a great lesson about going to church on Sunday and then she didn't show up so hopefully we find her again...

C. Elder Passey is awesome he is so funny this week he said he is going to lose weight and so when ever he is full or doesn't want to eat more, he waits until I and the people were eating with look away and then he will put it on my plate.. and I caught him every time he is great I love him!

T. well this week I studied the living Christ in preparation for the up coming zone conference and it was awesome after reading it again at lunch I took my lunch time lie down and this is the thing I hate about revelation it always comes when your about to fall asleep but the good thing about being a missionary is that your plan is always in arms reach! but I got my talk ready for zone conference!

S. and I don't recall any service outside of eating extra food for Elder Passey....

yep it was fun!

so we went on a hike this past week and here are some picture of the water(trickle)fall hike

Have a great week!

-Elder Joshua Mackay!

The Best Week Ever

February 9, 2015

So some of you might not know why it was the best week ever but its because a family I taught in ventura went to the temple and I got to go!!!!!! It was awesome there was 8 missionaries there for this family it was some much fun!!

But in Newbury Park this is what happened!

A. Newbury park is awesome. The people are so easy to get along with and for the most part humble, very humble!
This week was awesome we had a great miracle happen. We had 6 members present it was awesome! The best one happened last night when we were heading out the door leaving a non member walked in and she has a boyfriend on the mission so she asked us what we like to get in packages and so we talked about that for a second and ended up teaching her about faith and the gospel of Jesus Christ and we used an object lesson/trick thing and after we finished she said "that was cool do you have any more of those?" so we stay for another 20 minutes and taught her about having christ as our foundation and putting on the whole armor of god. And then a  returned missionary friend came over with her to help us teach/ he taught us a new one about faith it was pretty cool and a lot of fun. But then we had to leave so we could go see some other people.

C. Elder Passey I learned has a lot of fun dinner messages that people hate, but love because they learn a lot one of my favorites is called the game of sacrifice. Details will come when I figure out how to explain it.

T. Well this week in the spanish unit I had to give a talk about John 14:15 "If you love me keep my commandments" so I prepared my talk and I was already to give it and I stood at the table we have for our pulpit and the entire talk changed I talked about thing I had never even thought about talking about a for some reason (the spirit) I needed to say what I said and everybody loved it. It was a weird experience for me and it prove that I know spanish! 

S. We didnt have any serve this week not even trash to take out....

It was a awesome week and the best week ever its going to be hard for this week to be beat!

But pictures!
so that is the family and the missionaries with a sister from the ventura branch and the temple and my district my companion and I are the only spanish speaker in the district

anyways love you all have a great week!

-elder joshua mackay 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 1 with Elder Passey

February 2, 2015

hello from newbury park!

Elder Passey is awesome and the people here are awesomer!

but this is how our week went!

A. Newbury Park is awesome I love the people here! So we work in a spanish unit, so there is an English ward and then us going on at the same time. It is awesome, we had 31 people in the unit yesterday and Elder Passey said that is more then he has ever seen! But none of them are investigators because he baptized them all....

But yes the whole unit is recent converts or less active we spend most our day in a place nicked named las casitas which gets boring at times, but the people there are awesome! we have been teaching a less active named Angel. My goodness he is a talented mechanic he has people ask for his service all the time, oh ya he is also 75% blind, he relies on feeling the parts and such. He works alot of custom street race cars.

Another recent convert we have been working with is Melony she is awesome she is the niece of Angel so she is over there a ton and just a awesome person.

And the final person that we have been working with is an investigator named Jenny, she wants to get baptized but her dad wont let her. One night she asked if we have any movies, and we left them in the apartment so we had her pull up the Joseph Smith movie on her phone and watch it later and then at 12:00 midnight we got a text saying she finished the movie and loved it and thought that it was awesome how Joseph Smith never gave up even though the trials were stacking up against him.

C. Elder Passey is a hoot! He is so funny and easy to get a long with and the people we teach love him and he loves them. That the first thing I noticed about Elder Passey

T. This week I studied a little bit in ch 5 in PMG about the Book of Mormon and it was a good reminder about how we should be using the Book of Mormon as much as possible.

S. We took out Angels trash one day.... its was smelly lol!

It was pretty fun! I would love to send pictures but I forgot my camera at home so next week for sure!

-Elder Joshua Mackay