Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 14 Time for the half way point in transfer two!!

September 23, 2013

OK so its week 3 time!
This week was been rough on me and Elder Hernandez a lot of work and Elder Pann went home sick this week and hopefully will return soon.
This week we did a lot of work knocking and finding and teaching its also been the plan of salvation week as well everyone we taught this week wanted or needed the plan of salvation.
We were knocking on this door and a women came out so we introduced our selves as missionaries and all that stuff and we started to listen to her cause early that week some Jehovah witness came by and told her that her 2 month year old baby that died is going to hell. We taught her a shortened version of the plan of salvation and told her that her baby is in the presence of God because she died before the age of baptism. Powerful spirit there.
Case 2. We felt like we should visit a fully active member of the Branch hna. Tadeo, so we did and she asked us about where her daughter is, she was stabbed 133 times and if in the Resurrection will she have those wounds. We told her that her daughter is in the spirit world teaching others the gospel and that in the Resurrection she will have a perfect body like everyone else in the Resurrection. Also a very powerful spirit there.
After those two lesson me and Elder Hernandez walked away and we felt blessed to know even if anyone of you were to drop dead right now we would see you again in that great Resurrection. We will become perfect and a glorified human being. If you are even not sure where someone is and where you are going look to the plan of salvation because it saves lives literally. I read a talk out of the Ensign this month about the grace of God. It says that we are saved by His grace. So everyone is going to be resurrected so why do anything? Well would you feel comfortable in the presence of God know that you could have been better.
Anyways I love you all have a great week.
-elder Joshua Mackay 

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