Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 17 One more week left in transfer number 2

October 14, 2013

Hello everyone!
Biggest news of the week
is am out of my boot!! unless it hurts a ton then i have to put it back on!!
Monday. a normal P-Day with cleaning our apartment, shopping, emails. dinner. and of course knocking doors trying to find new people but all we found were English people so we sent those to the English missionaries.
Tuesday. we had a lesson with the Gonzales family as well as the Lopez family. The Lopez family is a less active family that wanted to feed us so we couldn't say no to food so we went over there had some beans, meat, salsa, and tortillas. The lesson has very good we asked them why they haven't been to church. Their reply was that they didn't like our branch president so we just talked about what happened and shared Elder Uchtdorf's talk about coming back to church cause we are all not perfect teacher. The Gonzales family we talked about what we do as missionaries and Hno. Gonzales wants to come out and work with us! And he isn't even a member yet!

Wednesday. we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders (Elder Wallace and Elder Van Every) so I worked with Elder Van Every and we talked to a man named Jim who many many years ago was trying to invent something to break gravity in a space, but one night he was drinking and driving and crashed. He is now stuck in his wheelchair but he loves to go to church (vineyard its a Christan rock church) and so we sang him "I know my redeemer lives" he loved it a lot so we shared a scripture with him and he shared some with us and we went on our way.
Thursday. Thursday is what missionaries call a shaft day (were everyone closes the door or aren't home) but after a hard day we went to dinner and we were stuffed. We then went to the church so Elder Hernandez could interview someone for baptism. Following that we went to a members house to help fix his washing machine he then fed us again (meatball soup) and gave us some cake and more soup to take home. Then we went to our lesson with Ricardo who wasn't there so we went to a members house to see if she saw him. And he was in her house so we taught him a lesson and after the closing prayer that sister filled up a cloth shopping bag full of oranges, beans, peanut butter and gave it to my companion and me. So our shaft day turned into a blessed day.

Friday. so my companion had to go to Oxnard to work on cars again so I worked with Elder Epps in Ventura. We got back to Ventura from dropping off Elder Hernandez and it was time for lunch but Hna Diaz made some crepes and wanted us to eat some so we went and had crepes (they are the best crepes i have had) and afterwards we went to see if Keran and Maria were home but it turns out that Keran was graduating from college so we talked about Temples and how much they bless our live and we invited her to be baptized and she said "Yes" so we had her pray after that and we then had to go get Elder Hernandez so we did that.

Saturday. we were on exchanges with the other Elders in our branch (Elder Fernandez and Elder Cavasos) so I worked with Elder Cavasos, but we had the car so Elder Hernandez needed us to pick him up for the baptism so we had to give them a couple rides to places and we meet a lot of people.

Sunday. yesterday we had someone receive the Aaronic Priesthood that was pretty good. Church was great, but there must have been a good football game cause nobody wanted to talk to us because they were watching "the game" but all is well in the Lords vineyard.

So it was a great week hope you all have a great week i love you all take care BYE!!

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