Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 21 Time has flown by and left me in the dust!

November 11, 2013

Hello every body how was your week!
Well that sounds great my week was fantastic I love it here
Anyways so lets start with Tuesday. Tuesday Elder Cavazos taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to 2 different families and in 2 different ways. 
First we taught the Vera family using science and stuff so we got a bowl of water, pepper, dish soap, and something to wipe your hands. so we got the bowl of water and put it down and put my CTR ring in it and told one of the kids to touch it with out getting dirty, then before they could put their finger in the water we poured pepper in the water (pepper floats) and they couldn't touch it with out getting dirty so we asked Steve (the helper) to wipe his finger off and get cleansed from sin (or pepper) and get baptized and receive the holy ghost (dish soap) so we put dish soap on his finger and told him to touch the ring and he put his finger in the water and the pepper all went to the side of the bowl and he could touch the ring without getting dirty or sinning. It was pretty good, they understand that they need baptism now. 
On the other hand we taught the Gonzales family were we talked about and alot about baby baptisms and why they don't need it but they didn't understand that part of it so tomorrow were going to talk about it, other then that that lesson went great they understand that they need baptism and we also talked about temples and marriage.
Wednesday. we found a new family of investigators! It was a referral from a recent convert and she said that they want a blessing for their son (Luis) so we went over to there house and meet the Bibriesca family we talked about how we do blessing and what they are we gave the son a blessing and talked a little about prophets and they asked us to come back latter that week.
Thursday not a lot happened on Thursday. I'm kidding we had a great day we did a reenactment of Samuel the Laminite with a family, we did some more service and talked to some less actives about going on there mission.
Friday. we found another 2 investigators Esperanza and Roxanna. Esperanza we talked to early that week and asked us to come back any day after 5 than we got her address and went our way but Friday we were with Roxanna we have talked to her a couple times and she said she was busy every time but this time she want time and so we taught a quick lesson and how to pray and she said the prayer and asked us to come next week so where going tomorrow but after the lesson we looked at our watches and it was 5:05 and we looked up and we saw where Esperanza lived so we took 13 steps to the door knocked and she had just finished cooking for her kids so we shared another quick lesson with her taught her how to pray but she didn't want to pray so we asked her if next time she will say and she said yes got another time to come back and we prayed and left her to eat with her kids.
Saturday. so remember the Bibriesca family well Saturday was the day we went back and we taught them the Restoration, they loved it before we could invite them to church they asked where and when our services are! So we answer there questions and talked about baptism they said they will if they find that the church is true it was great. Then we ran home got some service clothes on and helped destroy a roof. later that day we were walking down the street and one of Elder Cavazos old investigators flagged us down and told us her son had ran away we talked about faith and we offered a prayer that her son with get home safely.
Sunday morning we got a text saying her son got back home safely! The rest of Sunday was great Elder Cavazos had to translate the talks from the high counsel. We talked about the plan of salvation in gospel principles. and of course all of the people who said they would come to church didn't.
So that was my week in a nutshell lots of fun and lots of work

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