Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 3 - Hey Peeps

July 9, 2013

Well this week was the first and last fast Sunday in the MTC, it was fantastic! Anyways hows life hope it is good anyways time for me to report to you.
This week my companion leg was hurting a lot from breaking it in March. So he is getting 3 screws removed right now, so I am all alone.
Ummm so Marcelo is a real person but the person we taught, taught him while he served his mission.
This week we had TRC or teaching resource center. So me and my companion taught Brother Olson and Sister Rice. It was very difficult to understand their Spanish and try to answer their questions.
I am sending you pictures soon, once I get my SD adaptor back from Elder SimponJ
Ummm so other than that, things are doing good. I have seen a lot of Timpview kids around the MTC and hope to see more!
Spanish is still coming slowly but surely, I have managed to by doing pretty good on learning which consisted on praying for the gift of tongues while blessing your foodJ
Life is going good,  I love it here. It is like a new home for me and it is weird to be typing in English.
On Sunday we had a mission conference it was pretty good and I learned that bold is soft and lovely.
This place is full of the spirit all the time.

4th of July we got to watch the Stadium of fire from the fence of the MTC, but my district went to our classroom to get a better view.
Anyways time for pictures.
Fourth of July fireworks

Elder Robertson

Temple day

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