Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Elder Nelson is coming

To: All Missionaries in the California Ventura Mission

I am delighted to inform you that Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve will be visiting our mission for a missionary conference on Saturday, April 19th. He will be accompanied by his wife Wendy Watson Nelson, Elder Shayne M. Bowen of the Seventy, and Elder Jerryl L. Garns of the Seventy. Please see below biographical information about Elder Nelson. In preparation for his visit, you are invited to read at least one of three recent General Conference talks on missionary work he has given (see attached PDF copies).
Details regarding Elder Nelson’s visit will be forthcoming.


Elder Russell M. Nelson was called as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 7, 1984.

An internationally renowned surgeon and medical researcher, Dr. Nelson received his B.A. and M.D. degrees from the University of Utah (1945, 47). Honorary scholastic societies include Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Omega Alpha. He served his residency in surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and at the University of Minnesota, where he was awarded his Ph.D. degree in 1954. He also received honorary degrees of Doctor of Science from Brigham Young University in 1970, Doctor of Medical Science from Utah State University in 1989, and Doctor of Humane Letters from Snow College in 1994.

His professional work included the positions of research professor of surgery and director of the Thoracic Surgery Residency at the University of Utah and chairman of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Author of numerous publications and chapters in medical textbooks, Elder Nelson lectured and visited professionally throughout the United States and in many other nations prior to his call as a General Authority. A host of awards and honors have come to him, including the Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Utah; the Heart of Gold Award from the American Heart Association; a citation for International Service from the American Heart Association; and the Golden Plate Award, presented by the American Academy of Achievement. He has been awarded honorary professorships from three universities in the People’s Republic of China.

Dr. Nelson has served as president of the Society for Vascular Surgery, a director of the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, chairman of the Council on Cardiovascular Surgery for the American Heart Association, and president of the Utah State Medical Association.

Elder Nelson has held numerous positions of responsibility in the Church. He served as stake president of the Bonneville Stake from 1964 to June 1971, when he was called as general president of the Sunday School. Prior to his call to the Quorum of the Twelve, he was serving as a regional representative assigned to the Kearns Utah Region. He had previously served as regional representative for Brigham Young University.

Born September 9, 1924, Elder Nelson is the son of Marion C. and Edna Anderson Nelson. He and his wife, the former Dantzel White, have ten children. Sister Nelson passed away in February 2005. In April 2006, he married Wendy L. Watson.


Week 39 - Well it was a great week

March 24, 2014

Welcome back to another week in my mission, as short as it has been.

So this week has been fun.

On Monday we had a dinner with a member family and there daughter came from Las Vegas with her boyfriend and we taught him about well the gospel we shared a story from the Book of Mormon but I can't seem to remember what one it was cause I didn't write it down it was a great lesson but he lives in Las Vegas and goes to church there, but isn't sure if its the true church.

Tuesday we had a Zone conference and I learned that Sister Castro is a very good speaker if you are ready to write it down. We talked a lot about the book of Mormon and it was a very Great day.
Thursday. I was on an exchange with Elder Parrish, and we had a awesome day it all started with Jose who we talked about baptism and he just wants to go to church with young people so they may have given him to the Zone Leaders who cover the YSA ward. and then we meet with Fred, Fred is a great guy who loves to talk and hunt anything that is bigger then him. We had a great lesson on prayer and how prayer can help us. We then saw Ye Yang and we taught her the law of Chasity and about Baptism because she is a lot more ready then she thinks so we just told her that. We then headed over to the church where some less actives, and non members play Basketball and we shared a scripture with them and prayed for there safety well playing and it was a fun experience, but we couldn't play. we then finished the night with Angel and he had asked some Questions of the soul that we prepared to answer and that is what we did. it was a great day.

Friday. we had a lesson with a Tom Jones and we meet him at Ihop cause he likes to buy us lunch so we ate some food and talked about how we all have potential Tom has been all over the place and he has a lot of money and he has learned that doing what you love isn't work its fun and we talked about all the potential that he has and that I have and the Elder Henriod has. It was a pretty good lesson.

And that brought us though the week.

I love you all, take every chance you get to work, and by work I mean share the gospel because I have learned it can all end in a game of Dodgeball. See you all later 

so i cant remember the order of pictures but i know that, i am in there with my sweet green tie (thanks mom) elder Parrish is in there and some seals and Carpinteria views and some tar pit.
oh and state street in Santa Barbara

-Elder Joshua Mackay
Tar pit

Beautiful Carpinteria

Elder Parrish

New Favorite tie! (St Patricks day present)

State street in Carpinteria


Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 38 - Another Week

March 17, 2014

Hello again its so nice to type your names in!

Ok so this week was rough but knee update I got an MRI on Friday and Saturday they called me and told me I have a bucket handle tear on the inside part of my meniscus and the doctor will tell me what need to happen on Tuesday or tomorrow.

Oh and today I woke up to my house shaking.... but were are all fine. (Earth Quake)

But never the less we did teach John and Robert.

Monday we had a lesson with John Ford, and he has been trying to quit smoking for a while now but doesn't have any drive behind his push, if that makes sense but we were talking to him and he started to talk about how we are sons of God and then he asked if we could walk and talk but when we were walking he starts looking for a smoke. So I told him that its better if we didn't go for a walk and he keep pushing it so I told him that he is better then that, he isn't someone who should look for smokes on the ground or in ash trays cause he knows he is a son of God and is better then that it was a powerful moment for him the notice that and for me because I had no clue what to say I just opened my mouth and the Holy Ghost did the talking.

Wednesday was the next day we got to talk to John and all it was is he heard rumors that the Mormon church is trying to take over the world..... so we put some logic back in him and then he asked how Mormons would defend themselves if they were to be attacked.. It was pretty weird he has never acted like that before but we brought it back to the restoration and the pioneers and how for the most part we were peaceful and obeyed the law but were still being prosecuted.

Thursday, we had the first district meeting of the transfer it was pretty good, and in the evening we had a blitz with the other Elders (Elder Parrish and Elder Sornesen) and Elder Parrish and I taught one of there investigators named John he is a mason and has been meeting with missionaries for over 5 years now he even bought his own Quad! But he didn't have any expectations about missionaries so we talked about expectations and such.

And the final lesson of the week was on Sunday, and we talked to Robert, and we learned he can talk a lot which is good cause we learn how we can help him when he tells us stories about his past life. He talked about how God is our loving Heavenly Father who loves us and knows us by name. It was a powerful experience for him to learn this simple yet power fact.

Any way this was a fun and hard week and I am looking forward to this next week cause it is the best week in my life!

Love you all.

-Elder Joshua Mackay

the lizard i caught is name Draco. then there is a view of the ocean from the freeway, and my district (Hermanas Higgs, Wright, Elders Parrish, Sornesen, Elders Henriod, Mackay, Elders Barlow, and Griffin.)

Draco the new Pet

Sister Higgs, Sister Wright, Elder Sorensen, Elder Parrish, Elder Henroid, Elder MacKay, Elder Barlow, Elder Griffin

View from the freeway

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 37 - Another week and a whole lot of fun

March 10, 2014
Hey everyone it so nice to see or names again!
Anyways so last Monday I injured myself again so Monday night we stayed in and iced, don't worry I went to a doctor and we are figuring it all out.
Tuesday after I numbed my knee out so I couldn't feel it we went out and taught 3 lessons! it was the BEST, so we found a new guy named Robert walking by the train tracks and he said all we have to do is give thanks to god and we both testified of that and he asked us if we could come over Friday and talk more about our message. He is SWEET. We then meet up with John Ford and we talked about miracles that Jesus did in his life and how it can help us today to know this things are true and that he can help us today. and before we came home we ran into Scotty and we talked about Gods plan for us and how He loves us. Tuesday was a great day.
Wednesday. We met with John Ford who said he had questions about Mormons and it was about the Word of Wisdom so we talked about that and how every plant has a purpose. It was a pretty good lesson about the word of wisdom he has a smoking problem so we have been praying for him and he has been smoking less too.
so Thursday my knee was very bad but we had our first Zone meeting and I learned a lot about how to be a better missionary to other people and just serving applying the Amron principle is what Elder Putnam called, just seeing things that need to be done and doing it.
Friday, or this week doctor day.. so after spending all morning and most of the afternoon waiting and getting looked at I learned that I torn my meniscus in my left knee and alot of stuff is going to happen. Wooh. after returning home and going to dinner John asked if he could meet up so we could answer some questions about polygamy which has fun but it seemed as if he is stepping away from the church now he also brought the word of wisdom up again...
Saturday. Since we spent most of Friday in Santa Barbara in the doctors office we went by Roberts and oh boy he has been prepared he is a great man, we taught him about the Book ofM ormon and gave him a copy and he said he will read it cause he has nothing better to do. Wrong reason to start I think but at least he is reading.
Sunday. We talked with John who was acting like a different person to teach, it was pretty weird but we talked about the Godhead and how God is a loving Heavenly Father. It was a pretty good day.
And a pretty good week!
And some pictures of the week!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 36 Welcome to Carp

March 3, 2014

So this week was fun a LOT of walking which is even better :P

Monday was one of the hardest days I have had in Ventura but also might be the last, but you never know. It was fun and sad all at the same time it was awesome.

But Tuesday, after the short drive of about 30 minutes we were in Carpinteria. We had some lunch and meet up with the other Elders (Elder Parrish and Elder Sorensen) and did shopping and then went out preaching. We met up with a investigator named John he is a great guy but doesn't want to quit smoking were just chippin away. But it was a great day.

So Wednesday we went out in the morning and you know how people get sick when they go to an new area, well I didn't get sick but Elder Henriod did. So after lunch he took some down time to sleep up to Friday morning but at least he is feeling better.

Now we're at Friday and after weekly planing we meet up with John again and talked about the Plan of salvation and it started dumping rain. We were soaked head to toe it was pretty funny. So we went home to change and warm up for 15 minutes and ended up taking an early dinner and heading back out and we talked with a homeless man named Scotty (people called him tostado or toasty) and he was having a rough day but he is pretty cool he gave me an umbrella and Elder Henriod a poncho it was pretty funny walking with 2 umbrellas.

Saturday, still rain, it was great. Saturday we got the car from the car share and stayed dry all day. and we visited a family (recent converts) and it was fun we talked about the blessings of the gospel and many other things as well it was a pretty good visit.

Sunday, was the best part about it we had church and after church we did some stuff and before you know it was time for dinner and we started walking and before we knew it we were heading the wrong way and had to back track a lot to get back on track and then walked for about an hour (we called and told them we were running late) it was a long walk but it was fun and it stopped raining too. John called us close to 6 times during dinner and so we meet up with him and we talked about our favorite bible stories it was a great lesson he even brought his bible to meet with us. We also talked to a Eddy he is about 23 and isn't doing a lot with his life but it was good to talk to him he thinks the Jesus is a lie and the bible is not correct but live his life based off of Jesus's he was pretty funny.

Yep that was week 1 of many anyways have a good week and stay dry and warm cause being cold and wet is a lot worse.

pictures; Elder Henriod, Starwberry plant, Elder Nalder, Elder Driggs, Elder Fairbourne, and Sister Shepards, and Aapirl

-Elder Joshua Mackay
This is Aapril, probably the hardest part of leaving Ventura!

Elder Driggs

Elder Fairbourne (His first trainer)

Elder Nalder

Elder Henroid

Sister Shepard

Strawberry plant!