Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 16, Best Week Ever

October 7, 2013

Hello my friends and family
Monday was pretty busy being we have to do alot of stuff to get ready for the rest of the week.
Tuesday we did some service and sorted over 100 bottles and cans to be recycled and then we were invited to a family home evening were we watched Joseph Smith movie and the Restoration and gave out candies for correct answers. It was pretty powerful and those kids are very smart.
Wednesday we taught a less active family who have studied the bible and we spent an hour answering questions about the Revelations and the second coming and we also talked a little bit about bad spirits. It was a very interesting lesson that's for sure.
Thursday. I had another exchange it was a pretty good day though to say the least. We taught a young woman and we both felt that she had been prepared to receive this message that we shared. We then watch the testaments with a less active young man. That movie is so powerful it was a great lesson afterward. We then went to Hna. Diaz to drop off the testaments so she could watch it and we told her to text us what she thought but we never got anything so we went back on Friday.
Friday so in the morning Elder Hernandez was fixing cars so Elder Epps and I returned to Ventura to get some work done we went to give some service to Hna. Diaz so we started cleaning up those bottles we sorted and cleaning the rest of her back yard and she told me that she had written 2 and a half pages about the Testaments movie. I has so happy to hear that. We then got a call from my companion says he finished and needed to get picked up so we did that and started weekly planning and had dinner and a meeting to finish out the night.
Saturday. OH MAN the Saturday morning session was the best. Edward Dube was great Dieter F. Ucfdorf was fantastic, that sister that spoke has great. Moral of the story if you haven't watched conference do it now and read this later, and go work with the missionaries in your area.
Sunday. OH MAN I miss conference, but after conference we had a lesson with the famila Gonzales and it was so powerful Hna. Gonzales asked for a blessing so we gave her one and after she said she felt a warm power move though her entire body.
This week was great. but the next week is going to be better. don't look back and what you have done and look forward to what you can do.
-Elder Joshua Mackay

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