Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 12, One Transfer Down, time for round two!

Sept 9, 2013

Hello my friends and family who are reading my letters!
So I am being transferred to Ventura tomorrow into a Tri-Pan with Elder Hernandez and a brand new Elder on a plane right now.

Monday we had dinner with an investigator who has been investigating for 11 years. We invited him to be baptized and he said he will when his son gets home from his mission. 3 out of 3 of his kids are serving missions right now. But I love him so much, he gave me his salsa recipe, so Good and Spicy!

Tuesday we had a lesson fall through so we felt like we should go to Manuel's house, just up the street. He is also a investigator, we went over there and he came out and told us he wants to be baptized after reading 2 Nephi 33:12-14! We set him with a date of the 28th and then he didn't show up to church so we might visit him today and see what is up.
2 Nephi 33:12-14  And I pray the Father in the name of Christ that many of us, if not all, may be saved in his akingdom at that great and last day.
And now, my beloved brethren, all those who are of the house of Israel, and all ye ends of the earth, I speak unto you as the voice of one acrying from the dust: Farewell until that great day shall come.
WEDNESDAY was THE BEST DAY EVER oh man I miss Wednesday.. We went to the investigator who fell though on Tuesday and we talked to her about the gospel of Christ and then we set her and her kids with the 28th of October to be baptized! Then we went to a investigators house and he wasn't there but his sister was so we had a lesson with her and she wants us to come back. After that the same thing happened trying to contact a referral!! We then had dinner at a part member house and got a new investigator!!!

Thursday we got a car!! We spent the day in the areas we can't walk to and oh man we taught so many people it was crazy! We went to recontact some people and they weren't home or didn't want to open the door then this ice cream truck drives by and flags us down. We go over there and he told us the best Mormon and Catholic joke and gave us some ice cream and told us about his crazy girl friend and we left him with a picture of Jesus. Then we had dinner at an investigators house and had a great lesson with them about how they can share the gospel.
Friday. oh man Friday was a great day! We tried some referral searching to increase our teaching pool just in case we got white washed so the next elders would have something to work with. It worked out pretty well, we got some referrals for people, we meet a crazy guy who tried to heal my ankle..... and said he could speak the language of the end? But he said he could borrow his bike if we wanted some time. I am not sure what is going to happen with him. After that we went to visit a less active family and they needed us there, they have had it rough. Some girl came over there the week before and beat the mother! They threatened the manger that if he told the police and just all this bad stuff! So they are trying to move and they might just take there clothes and get out of there. It is sad but it happens.
Saturday we found a old investigator walking over to see another family. We also had a dinner where we were going to eat cactus but they didnt have time to cook it so we had some In and Out which was also good, but cactus fruit is the best (mom can you buy me a cactus so i can have cactus fruit when I get back its taste like apples and bananas mixed into one amazing fruit) 
Sunday was a normal Sunday where we are in meetings all day, but I got out of one to go see some investigators who didn't show up to chruch and one we found out doesn't want to get baptized until she knows its true.. Hopefully that happens soon since she has the cutest 1 year old baby. Sorry to all those babys out there but its true...
anyways see you next week
-elder mackay

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