Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 8 - New week, having fun learning Spanish

August 12, 2013

Well this last week I rolled my ankle and jacked up my knee, so last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent reading Jesus the Christ, Ensigns and our search for Happiness.
Thursday I took some pain meds and said I am getting on that bike even if I am not ready to or not! My ankle and knee are still hurting from that day! We worked hard that day and talked to a lot of people and had some fun on bikes. But had to come home early due to a flat front tire on the bike I borrowed from my companions old companion who is in a car this transfer.

Friday popped some pills:) pain killers! Then we hit the pavement and we worked hard and had a rough day, we forgot language study, so after 6 people we planned to see were not home or didn't have time to talk we headed headed home for language study and we thought we would try one more house! Turns our the house we stopped at the man we taught has Fridays off and loves to learn about Jesus and is sharing anything we tell him with his sister who is living there  until she gets on her feet. Then we finished there, had language study and my ankle was killing so much, we had to stay home. So God gave me the strength to teach that man he had prepared and then told me to rest pretty much.
Saturday the same thing happened, were once again we had a rough day at the beginning and then we felt like we should visit this man and it again was his day off (different man) so we taught him about hope and what is it using Romans 8:24-25. After that we went home for dinner and at dinner the member took us to In and Out where we met another member hanging out with her friends who want to hear more about our church:) So we helped out while waiting for our food. After dinner my leg swelled up a lot so my companion made me stay home so we watched testaments in Spanish and read some more books.
Sunday the worst pain my leg had been in, but we went to Church came home for language study (after a 3 hour warm up in church) but my companion forgot his keys and we were locked out so the member who lived upstairs gave us lunch until the other Elder's in our apartment got home to open the door. When they got home they looked at my leg and said to is so I put another on for compression, iced it and stayed home with Elder Putnam whose head wasn't feeling to good (low blood pressure he said)

 Anyways, moral of the story, when your not working in your God is, and he is preparing people to hear you and if you need rest he can make it so, but you have to be willing to say "Your Will be Done" and let him do what he needs to do to, so today I am spending all day resting so I am ready for this week.
Second moral of the story, don't roll your ankle it hurts and it is not fun on your mission!
Elder Mackay 

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