Friday, November 15, 2013

A Halloween package

I decided to send Josh and his companion a Halloween package.
Ideas came from my friend Mel and Pinterest of course!

I did up a bunch of these Pumpkin Seeds package (this picture is of the ones I copied off of Pinterest, I will try to find the link to give credit where it is due)(I cannot find a actual link, but I think it might be

We found these Evil Twin candies, so put a picture of our sweet twins on the back.

We filled is with glow sticks, candy, some costumes, decorations, and these cute Mummy chocolate bars, again from pinterest! I will look for the link!
I decorated pringles chip containers for each missionary and filled them with pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I also included these halloween marshmallows (probably taste nasty)

Decorated the box inside and out with pictures and die cuts from my friend K

The result was perfect, Elder C loved his treats and took pictures of himself with his mummy and Josh in the costume Meliah picked out for him! Are these Elders not the cutest on the planet!

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