Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 7 - week 1 out of many

 August 5, 2013

Ok, Hello Everybody! I am doing good and I am serving in the Oxnard 5th ward! Bike Area!! I borrowed Elder Putnam's bike.
Okay so the first day I got home to Oxnard the best place in the world, took off my coat and began to unpack. After I finished unpacking we hopped on the bikes and rode to Iyland - very poor and ghetto but pretty cool people. So went knocking on doors to visit people, but they were all working except on family. So we talked to them for  a little bit and hit the road again. We went to go contact a referral that my companion received last week ,  but he wasn't home and then we met Luis Ortis an investigator who is 15 years old and trying to get out of a gang. Really cool kid, loves to talk a lot and enjoys our company. After we talked to him we then head down to the red area for a meeting Iyland and the red area are across town. So after a long ride we made it, and a member dropped some pizza off for my dinner and left.
Day two
Woke up, did some stuff, got ready, ate some breakfast and out the door. We went for 1 hour then came back for lunch, after lunch we went to El Rio to meet some people. I met Franisco and Teresa who have 5 kids and Franisco's brother David's son living with them. So we talked to them for a little bit then headed to Iyland for dinner mondu (I think) its soup with cow stomach and chi peas so good and chewy!! Went to the Hernandez family but no male over 16 was home so they called Fransisco's brother David who lives down the street to come over for dinner. So I met David. We left there and headed to a investigators named Jenny and Ivan (Ivan is a less active member) Jenny called early that day said she didn't want to be baptized that week (her date was on Saturday) so we went to talk to her about it and left around 9:15 to go home.
Day 3 Same morning routine, then we had district meeting so we packed a lunch and went to the church with Elder Bernards and Elder Putnam after the meeting we had lunch. Then went back home to grab the bike but my front tire was flat so we had to fix it and then we hit the pavement and went to Iyland (most of the Spanish people live in Iyland and El Rio). We went to David's house to meet with his wife Marya but no one was home so we headed to dinner with the Marcias family. Sister Marcias is a less active member and Brother Marcias has been investigating for 11 years, and their 3 kids are all on missions. We had Mexican beef you eat with rice, beans and your hands!! and the BEST Salsa in the world (better than the Budge family's:)) After dinner my front tire was flat again so we started to walk home, got half way there and a member from Utah drove by and gave us a ride home. Then the zone leaders finished their dinner, saw our text and headed out to get us but we got home before they did so we put some air in my tire and the zone leaders drove us to our lesson with Luis. They met with one of there investigators so we got a ride home after the lesson.
Day 4
At this point I finally realize I am a missionary and have been in the field for 4 days, and it scared me. So morning routine, then we had lunch and then weekly planning so we didn't leave the house until 4ish, so we did some work and then called dinner to see if tey are ready for us to come over. They didn't answer so we texted them, waited 30 minutes and nothing so we went home, made some orange chicken and rice and my companion made cookies and then we ate. Right after we finished our dinner called us back asking where we were, so we missed a good dinner. But they said they would feed us tomorrow (or Saturday because that was Friday). We then did some tracting and met with a roman Catholic who loved the picture of Jesus we gave him and said it was different.
Day 5
So morning routine and then we head to El Rio to meet Stephie who wasn't home, she got a new job at the library. So we talked to her brother Axel for a little bit and then tried to see some other people, but Saturdays are empty because people love the beach. We heaed to the Red area and sister Marcias yelled at us to in but it was in Spanish so went to talk to her and the man who baptized her was there. he served here 12 years ago, so he brought his wife and 1 kid to tour the mission. Sister Marcias asked if we were hungry, we ate 2 hours before and weren't hungry at the time so we said no and then she asked if we had a dinner appointment, which we didn't so she said she would feed us. We headed out to teach some people in Red are and to try to recontact a family, funny story I picked up my bike to get over a curb and my tire fell off:) but they were at the beach so we headed back to the Marcias house and ate.
Day 6
Sunday we went to church, came home, language study, hit the pavement, talked to some people and went to the dinner appointment we had for my companions birthday. We had some fun and then went to go see Luis, but went by Fransisco's house and he and David flagged us down. They had a family party so we got some Tampico (orange juice but better) and then the police lined the streets for a gang bust 3 doors away, so we thought it was safer to stay there for a little bit. We shared a thought with them and the 20 kids that were there.

 Anyways love you, all talk to you next week bye!

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