Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 10 - Another week another victory!

August 26, 2013

Hello my fellow human race people things:)
Ok well this week has been good lots of studies...
So Tuesday was great lots of people visited, gave a book of Mormon to a new investigator. and then we had meetings for 4 hours...:)
Wednesday I woke up and my shoulder was hurting so I shrugged it off and went out to work we had a few lessons that day one of our investigators gave us a tour of his back yard and he has like 7 different fruit trees and a chicken coop so we helped him pickup the eggs and then played some soccer and taught him a lesson and when we went out side my tire was flat so we used my new traveling repair kit for my tire (that I'm getting a new tube for today) and headed off to go see some less actives. None of which here home, common on Wednesday when working with Spanish speaking people - it is soccer night.
Thursday my shoulder was hurting a lot so we decided it was best if I stayed home and rested it well and ice it. We had a great study about my missions five areas of focus those being
1, we are preach my gospel missionaries. 2. we baptize. 3. we obey with exactness. 4. we seek to be trusted more then loved. and 5. we teach with power and authority. We also had district meeting in the morning.
Friday my shoulder was fine and then I slipped coming out of the shower and twisted my ankle again so we stayed home that day as well. But i got a package from American Fork for an Elder Mckay Johnson... that was pretty funny
Saturday we also stayed inside for my companions back it was bugging him.
So all in all this week was alright oh wait Sunday.
Sunday so we had meetings all day and got home at 8:45, home 15 minutes early so thought we would make some calls and no one answered so its now 8:50 and we have 10 minutes so me being me say hey lets run about 1 mile to an investigators house..... so we did and got there at 8:59 so we have 1 minute to get into a lesson or we have to head home. so we knocked on the door they opened and we got a lesson. and so we asked them why they didn't come to church and they are both 19 with a kid and they over slept. normal for a teenager and so we talked about her baptism date to see if we could do it the 5 of October and she said YES so hopefully i stay here for one more transfer.:) and then we walked back home to get home by 9:30
So this week went fantastic!!!!
love you all 
Elder Joshua Mackay
PS mom I have envolpes thanks for the stamps but i have another favor could you get me: terry bell's address you i can write him, and tom houg's address so i can write him as well, also the spadifora's address I have a letter from them but no address.

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