Monday, August 17, 2015

One more week in Paso

June 22, 2015

Well this week has been a fun one, a lot of driving and walking too!!

It has been in the 100's all week we love our cars A.C,

A. Paso is doing great, we have been getting a lot of help from members and it has been working out good. Saturday we went to see Cynthia but she wasn't home. We talked to her brother Edson, he is a less active member and we had a great talk and man did he brighten our day. It was great to see him and to be able to tell him that he should come back to the fold, he knows were he should be and everything but he just works too much to do it if he isn't working he is working out or playing soccer. But we are going to work with him more.

This week we had a member of the Seventy Elder C. Scott Grow come and visit and it was great and a great reminder of hundreds of things! It was awesome to be able to listen to him and everything he talked about was great, when he talked about hope I thought - oh I never will need this - and then we ended up using what he said the next day in a lesson with Anna another less active member, we asked her what she wanted to know about and she said the law of chastity, so we talked about it and talked about blessing for living the commandments and then she asked about the word of wisdom and committed to quit using some drug she started to use. it was great and we were able to use what Elder Grow used to help her it was awesome. Plus a good eye opener for me.

Another awesome thing that happened is the car, we cannot use the car for a couple weeks, so we have been walking and biking in the sun. We have been able to work closer to the members and since walking to where everyone lives takes 2 hours we have been able to find people closer to our apartment and open up our teaching pool! We have found about 3 family that want us to come back, and 5 people that want us to come by as well. its been a blessing!

C. Elder Jones has been a huge blessing after not being able to use the car I felt burdened to say the least and he was there to lift it me up and it has been great to see that.

T. This week I learned that everything happens for a reason and sometimes that's a good reminder to think about how God is in the helm leading his work.

S. This week we were able to stop by the food bank for a little bit we had appointments to go to so we could only stay for an hour but it was a fun hour!

Yep it has be a great week! This one well be even better!

So this week with elder grow we took some pictures! 
Don't drive and throw gang signs!!! 
But I miss the smell of the ocean.
and Elder Phillips went back home for medical stuff, so we went to see him in Morro Bay and found a sub....

Hope you all have a great week I love you all have fun!!
-Elder Joshua Mackay

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