Monday, August 17, 2015

One more down couple more to go:(

July 27, 2015

Well a member this week told me a had 3 weeks left and so I corrected him! It is 4 its a lot more then 3!

But hope your all are doing well it has been fun up here in Paso with the fair in town lots of people coming to the fair and we cannot even go....

But this is how my week went

A. Well Paso Robles decided to have the state fair come to town so this week flew by fast again... but everyone was there after 3 we had a hard time finding things to do and to stay busy but we lived. We had a lot of less actives come to church yesterday, none of the weekly comers were there it was all less actives and we had about the same number as people as we do normally.

So this week we meet with Rosa and it was great we talked to her about coming back to church and she said she would try because she had this weekend off! She made it to church but didn't stay for the linger longer thing the branch did. We watched the mormon message "after the storm" and she seemed to enjoy it, it was great to watch it with her, the spirit was very strong.

We also meet with Cynthia this week and she has been having a tough time again she finally found a job and then Monday she got let go... it has been rough on her but she is working on finding a better job now instead of working on coming back to church....  she is great but she needs to learn that God will help her out in all of this! Maybe we should go over that this week!

C. Elder Weiss is awesome he is very relaxed when its time to be, but he likes to work when its time to work and that has been a huge help this week!

T. This week I have been going over ch. 6 in PMG and studying the christ like attributes and seeing what I need to work on this transfer I have set my goals and we will see what will happen next!

S. So during the storm a members house got flooded and I, I mean -we- got to rip out the carpet and trash and ton of stuff, I didn't think I could throw a toilet as far as I did... it was great!! i a lot of fun!!

It is was pretty great I threw the toilet like 15 feet it was pretty fun! maybe a should have taken pictures too but I did not take one!

So that is a picture of ice on our A/C to keep us from melting...

so have a great week hope to hear from you soon!

Elder Joshua MacKay

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