Monday, August 17, 2015

Another week in Cali!

June 29, 2015

Well it has been a great week here!!

But this is what happened

A. Paso Robles is doing awesome the members have been a huge blessing and have been able to help us out a lot sine the fact we cannot use the car... But we have been able to talk to a lot more people since we are not driving every where,

This week we had some exchanges with the zone leaders and our district and they were all great exchanges!!
the first was with the zone leaders and I went down to slo (san luis Obispo) and it was just a funny day the first thing was doug a man that was referred from the sisters and then dinner, at dinner we were sitting down talking about something and then the member that came to eat with us asked me about the 5 lbs burger I ate 2 weeks ago.. so we talked about that and turns out he was there and it was super funny, and then Doug (we were talking to him)  started to tell us that Jesus appeared to him and was twisting his beard so he know it was Jesus.... and so there we shared a scripture, 2 Nephi 25:26 and he said he is thankful we shared that scripture with him and then told us that he is the new jesus..... it was weird, so we prayed and left as soon as possible.

the second was with Elder Magoon  and that one was great it was a hard day but we made it though and we had a great lesson with a less active family and the spirit was very strong it was a solid lesson.

the third was with Elder Rosenloft, it was a fun exchange we did and a lot of knocking and no one was home it was just one of those days but we had a great dinner message that I learned from the exchange with the zone leaders and we talked about testimonies of the book of Mormon, it was a great lesson!

C. Elder Jones is great he is very humble and wants to work hard all the time! He is a great elder!

T. This week I was reminded how important it is the share our testimony cause sometime it just takes one person to share their testimony to change someone's life forever!

S. this week we did some yard work for someone who was a companion to a member in our ward.

Well hope you have a great week!

and now picture time!
so we checked the mail this week and we won!!!!! and that is a sticker our ward mission leader made me!

Happy Canada day and 4th of July!!

Elder Joshua Mackay

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