Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Big One

June 15, 2015

Well this week I died but you'll read about it later!

A. Paso is doing great there are some fire here and there dang lighting storm.... oh well. but its been a fun week with a lot of heat. actually this week a member left for his mission he is going to do great we took him out with us a lot and he is as ready as any missionary I have seen.

So this week we saw Jose a couple of time it was been fun we have been trying to teach him how to read and it has been going great he gave him and his daughter (martha) a book of mormon the kid one with lots of pictures and they are reading that together and we can feel the change in the home it was been awesome!

we also had a super solid lesson with Cynthia and it was awesome we talked about trials and we read the story of Job and how he always trusted god in all that happened. it was a powerful lesson and then trying to set up a FHE (family home evening) with her and her best friends family well see what happens.

so I have done the impossible, this week we had a member take us out to eat at a burger place, and on the menu they had a burger called the big one. it's a 5 lbs burger the member saw me look at it and told me that he has brought a ton of missionaries there and only 6 have tried it and none of him have finished the burger in under 30 minutes so its free or its $37.... he then told me that he thought I could do it and so I tried it, oh man he was excited, he called the ward members and the sister missionaries, and it was crazy, but 27 minutes and 52 seconds later i finished it and he started dancing and being well himself really he is awesome. But the coolest part was yet to come so I am sitting there and a kid and his mother came up to us and talked about how he watches a tv show called man vs food and he has always wanted to see someone finish the burger and that day, I made his dreams come true and we talked for a little bit, it was weird I never thought that eating a 5lb burger could bring someone to like missionaries!

C. Elder Jones is awesome, very patience, very humble, very kind what more do you need in a companion?

T. This week I learned that members make everything roll smoothly, we have been trying to find a less active named Hugo and so we knocked on his door yesterday and a van rolled in next door and 4 kids in there sunday best got out of the van and into the house and a father in his white shirt and tie followed and then a little kid who looked at us so I waved at him and he turned around took 2 steps and looked back and then he came to talk to us, but his dad came and got him but we know these people are either members or need to be so we knocked on their door and they were members so we talked to the dad about the neighbors and then he asked us to share a message with his family so we did and long story short they committed themselves to help us get the less active family to come back to church and the dad even speaks Spanish and everything is going great!

S. This week we went to the food bank and bagged food for days!! 

yep it sucked I never want to eat 5 lbs again (in one sitting) but here are some pictures of the burger... and Fabian who left for his mission in Mexico City

yepp have a great week!!!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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