Monday, August 17, 2015

End of Transfer

July 6, 2015

Well its been a great week, it has been hot!

A. Paso Robles is doing great it is been really hot this week we went out and did some biking and after an hour we had to go back in to change our shirts cause they were bad..... it was awful but after we got that taken care of we went back out to work but this time we walked so we wouldn't have to do it again...

This week we had 2 exchanges, the first I went with Elder Waite into his area and so it was good we had dinner with a part member family and she is getting baptized on Saturday, so Elder Jones is interviewing her on Tuesday and Saturday will be awesome. Elder Waite is also having a brownie cook off with this person and round 1 he lost bad but everyone won cause we all got brownies.

Then I was with Elder Payne in my Area and it was a good exchange but no one was home and since it was the 4th no one wanted to talk to us.... they thought that we were JW and it was great.... but it was fun we got to meet with and awesome less active and part member family but they were English so.... it still on the lords team!

C. Elder Jones is doing awesome he really wants to get transferred down to simi valley where he loves the branch but even if he stays here I know that he will work his butt off!!

T. This week I re-read the Saviors last week alive and then on Friday when we got the new that Boyd K Packer passed away. It was interesting I didn't feel sad or anything it was great I just knew that the Lord needs them somewhere else and that how it is.

S. This week we helped someone pack up to move out it was very fun she had a LOT of pictures it was fun!!

Speaking of pictures I forgot the cord so it sucks to be you!! but the 4th was great the members bought some fire works and we lit them off - well they did. and since I had a suit that is wrecked... I thought it would be fun to well you'll see next week...

Have a good week see you soon!!

Elder Joshua MacKay

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