Monday, August 17, 2015

One more down the drain

July 20, 2015

Well this week went by way to fast and that is not fair, I want a good solid transfer not a fly by.... but I will take what I get.

This week has been awesome mainly because we can use the car again, but yep

A. Paso Robles has been great Saturday night we got a crazy thunder storm and we couldn't sleep which made church even harder..... but we didn't fall asleep!

So this week I have been taking Elder Weiss to meet all the people we could meet and we have had a pretty good week we met with Jose Tacuba and his daughter Martha twice and we started to read the Book of Mormon with them because they haven't been doing a good job of doing it themselves. We also met with Juana and she is doing a lot better then when we first met her but she isn't really interested at this moment in her life, she just wanted to practice what she has been learning with the JWs on us, but she has a long ways to go with them.

We met up with a lot of the less actives in the branch this week and we made it a transfer goals to meet them all and to see how we can help them come back to church and back into activity. The biggest problem is that all of them work on Sundays so it is hard for them to come to church. Hopefuly we can work on that one and get some to come to church.

C. Elder Weiss is what I needed for a companion, I have learned so much from him and its only been 1 week I cannot wait to see what else I can learn from him in the next transfer.

T. This week it was been awesome, I have been able to reflect on what I have done as a missionary with some of my past companions and been able to set goal to make this transfer the best transfer every because - well every transfer needs to be better then the last one.

S. This week we help a family move into there new home it was pretty great I miss moving heavy thing its so much fun!!!

Yep it was pretty grea,t a lot of fun in the rain it rained all day Sunday and Saturday night it sucked.....

Sorry but no pictures this week maybe next week I will have some more for you. but all is well on this side of things!!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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