Monday, August 17, 2015

Transfers, and this is the last one:s

July 13, 2015

Well hello there hows it going? Good! Well I am going to roast out here.

So I am staying in Paso and Elder Weiss is going to be my new companion!

and this is how the week went.

A. Paso is doing awesome so a great/weird thing happened this week Elder Jones and I were lying in bed and then are phone started going off with text from a unknown number turns out it was the Branch Presidents son telling us to go see his friend Pepe, and then the next morning we were texting him and our ward mission leader calls us and said "you need to see Pepe" so now we were trying to see this "Pepe" but we can't find him, but he sounds like a solid referral and I am excited to find him,
This week we did a lot of biking and it was great until we stopped then our legs just turned to stone.... we were able to have some good lessons with Frida and Lupita, they are doing good but are super busy all the time and they can be hard to find but we managed to catch them, but we talked with Frida about a lot of different things she was a lot of different questions and it was an awesome time to answer some of her questions about the word of wisdom and other commandment that we have, with Lupita we talked about the Book of Mormon and how important it is in our lives and hopefully she will start to read it.

C. Elder Jones is great I am going to miss him next transfer but I am excited to work with Elder Weiss next transfer it will be fun and I will learn a lot!

T. Well this week prayer has played a huge role, praying that we can get rides and prayer for more strength to get up this hill. Pray was helped me through a lot this week!

S. This week we did a lot from food bank to painting to moving a movie caster who casted suits on the loose and mobsters and Mormons... it was fun and he had a great view in his back yard.

yep its been pretty fun working with Elder Jones but now its time to move on.... it sucks but it will be great!

picture time!
yep I burned a suit... it was fun but ya it was fun!

anyways have a great week love you all!

Elder Joshua MacKay

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