Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm out of ideas for subjects

August 3, 2015

Well this week has been weird everyone got there trunky papers, but me which is pretty funny. Because I told my dl that I got them 2 days early.... oh well

A. Paso Robles, well the fair finally ended!! It's going to be great people, are going to be home and its going to be awesome. 

This week has been great! We had some great times this week, a lot of less active people we went to go see, was pretty great we had a good lesson with Cynthia, we read in the book of Mormon, it was awesome and then her friend showed up and she asked if we could just re read it to him as well it was good. but he said he doesn't want to waste our time cause he isn't looking for a church right now.

C. Elder Weiss is doing great he was a good work ethic and love to work hard

T. This week I have thought a lot about the lessons I have learned and how much I have grown, it has been interesting to read my journal and to just see the growth, it has been weird but in a good way. It has been something that has shown me that the price we pay the 2 years is worth every second of it.

S. This week I laid some tiles outside it was very messy and fun!

so it a short one this week. but ya it was pretty great

the district! elder walker and rosenlof, me and weiss, waite and hatman, anderson and stewart, and sister woodland and scoresby

see you next week!!

-elder joshua mackay

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