Friday, November 28, 2014

Nov 24, 2014

good to see you welll so i wrecked my bike!

yep it happened and hopefully wont happen again!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING eat a ton for me!

Well lets get into this week! oh and we got shot at! With a BB gun, so don't freak out mom..... but Elder Hernandez got hit in the ankle.

A.  Well here in oxnard everything is going awesome we are having a great time! And hard times. Meaning on Thursday I crashed my bike. It is all in good condition, the only thing that happened was my pants ripped and I got a good road burn on my leg it was pretty funny. What happened was I turned to sharp and my bike tire slid and I went with it. :) But it was awesome for some reason it seemed to strengthen our relationship with the recent convert in the area.

 But other than crazy bikes and teaching people we had an exchange this past week and it didn't go to well... well it was great but we never taught anyone! We went to an investigators house and they weren't there, but we found a desk and we managed to get in to our tiny car to give to a family that has nothing and noticed we were late for lunch with a member so we rushed over there ate and because we were late there, we were late to pick up the other Elders for correlation. but remember we had a desk still in our car so we ran that over to the family and set it up, and then got the Elders. Then our ward mission leader cancelled correlation and so we got more time to talk to people to find no one home and then it was time for dinner and then sat in stake conference for 2 hours. It was the best exchange and the worst exchange! But it was so fun!

C. Elder Hernandez is the best artist I have seen in a while and drew me some pictures this week they are pretty cool!

T. Well this week at zone conference I have been reformed! You could say, and I have a new desire to be a better missionary and so this week I have studied the white handbook and wrote down anything that I could improve on and to my amazement I have a 2 page paper of improvements so now I am going to start on working it down to a clean piece of paper!

S. Well the funnest service this week happened right after I wrecked on my bike and we did 70 push ups to help/motivate our recent convert Juliette do her 70 push ups that she had for gym class

Yep that was fun hope this week is twice as much fun.... well minus the bike wreck and shots fired.....

Talk to you soon!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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  1. Oh my gosh he still remembers when accidentally shot him with a bb gun!