Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

December 1, 2014

Well for the entertainment of all of you we had 2 thanksgiving dinners all within 3 hours...... we were stuffed quite literally.

But this is what happened!

A. Oxnard is nuts. but its a good nuts! we have been working super hard but this week being thanksgiving I am thankful for the opportunities that I have been given to be here. I am thankful for my awesome family that has been behind from day 1 and untill day 700 and BEYOND, I am thankful for the bike problem that I have finally taken care of and they haven;t come back yet!.

But lets get back to that later its time to talk about lessons that have been happening. This week Elder Hernandez and I went around looking for people that Elder Hernandez used to teach when he was here a year ago. and it has been working we have found 2 less active families and a couple of potential investigators. It is awesome!

Last but not least we found a new man named Emanuel! He is awesome had a ton of good comments about what we teach (the restoration) he is so ready for the gospel but can only meet on saturdays... but its going to be awesome to see what happens!

C. Elder Hernandez is awesome he is the best missionary I could have asked for. but I didn't have to ask, God gave him to me for a transfer and maybe more! He listens to the spirit a ton and follows the promptings.

T. This week in my studies a went over all the talk the I have collected over the past year and re read them because what good do they do collecting dust on my desk!!

S. I don't think I had any service this week only elder Hernandez on a blitz. oh well always next week!

yep thats all folks see you around!!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

After 2 thanksgiving dinners! 

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