Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Week in the Port

November 17, 2014

Hello everyone!

well lets get straight into it

A. Well Oxnard is awesome! We worked very hard this week to get someone with a baptism date and who would have thought it worked!!! We got a little girl named Marithza with a baptism date for the 6th of December! It was awesome we are so excited!!

This week we didn't teach as many lesson as we hoped for but we had a great week none the less. It is interesting how each area that you serve in works differently, Ventura we spent a lot of time with member and they lead us to their friends. Fillmore we spent all our days running from appointment to appointment. and Carpinteria we walked and talked to our investigators, and in Oxnard we walk around and try to talk to people but they take the card and walk away.  It has been so much fun to see the difference in every area because each area shines you in a different way, makes you a better person for the next one. Like Juliette reminds me of Elizabeth, of course Juliette hasn't seen as much as Elizabeth but I can tell by being with Elizabeth prepared me to meet Juliette and this is how I know that God really is at the helm of this work everything you young kids do know it will come back to you to do something later.

This week we also had an interesting experience at the Rodriguez's house, living there is a man named Jose who was baptized in 2006 who needed a blessing of health, so we show up and we give him the blessing and went to talk to Hermana Rodriguez and she was in such a bad condition it hurt her to move even an inch and she never even thought about asking for a blessing. So we told her that she should get a blessing and she said yes, and so we located her husband in the kitchen about to jump into the shower and we told him what was going on. He didn't want to do it, so we tried to tell him again, and he finally said ok. So we walk back into the room where the hermana was lying and Elder Hernandez anointed her and Antonio (the husband) read through the missionary hand book and with out a second thought gave his wife the most beautiful blessing I have ever heard and it was awesome the spirit was so strong, after we asked him if he had given a blessing before and he said he has never given one before and that's why he was nervous at first. Now that was awesome!

But back to Marithza we taught her the restoration and the 10 commandment and she took it pretty well and then Saturday night her dad came home from work and they haven't seen him in over a month and so we taught him the restoration and turns out he was been meeting missionaries for over 3 years now! they are awesome, but just moved in and literally have nothing. We gave them a bed and so they rotate who sleeps on it the 2 boys and then the 3 girls. such a humble family when we teach them we all sit on the ground in a circle and they listen intently and quiet there children (2 girl and a boy) they are just the best thing to happen to this world. well ya.

C. Elder Hernandez is awesome, he is very good at explaining thing so people understand  and making sure that they do under stand! It is the best! 

T. Well for a zone goal we are teaching the parables of Jesus at set appointments, so I figured I better read and study the parables so I know what I am talking about and turns out I learned a ton so far my favorite is the parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price! 

S. This week we had missionary landscaping and we did a great job it looks good other then we couldn't fit everything into the bin so we left the extra branches on the street in a pile, like the person directed us to do it is funny how when people tell you how to do it they are happy but when they don't they are not happy!

yep awesome week!!

hope you have a good one!
-Elder Joshua Mackay

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