Monday, November 3, 2014

Bye Fillmore!

November 3, 2014

Well Hello there!

Well next time see hear from my it will be from Oxnard CA. and I will have lose 15 pounds on my new bike!

Well its time for business!

A. Well i am leaving Fillmore and it is the most bitter feeling in the world, more sour then an unripened orange or something... but the lord was a plan here and I cant interfere with that as sucky as it is.

But on a good note we had a great time here I met a ton of awesome people, Bryanna, the Peralta family, Ramirez family, Bernard and his family, both the Zavala families, Lucia and her 3 boys Eddie, Salvador, and Israel.

We had a couple with Bryanna this week and she is So ready to be baptized its awesome we are going to see her tonight and have one last lesson with her before we hand her over to the new Elders to Baptize her who knows maybe i could see it! We finished teaching her the laws and ordinances and gave her the baptism interview and she passed the practice run and will definitely pass the real one in 2 weeks.

 Bernard has started to show less interest now that he is getting sicker then ever but his sister Cynthia is awesome and wants to get baptized the first week of December! We taught her a lot this week and she read a ton and is going very well towards her date she just needs to come to church and we feel that Bernard will get baptized with her! That is all the good stuff happening in our area that I can remember!

C. Well lets be honest I love elder Moreno and was looking forward to maybe having another transfer with him, but then I thought it would be cool for him to be a zone leader and leave me, but what ever. I have learned a ton from Elder Moreno and he is one of the best District leaders I have ever had. He will be missed here in Fillmore for sure and maybe even more then me!

T. well i am trying my best to learn and grow my testimony and it is working for sure I have learned a lot this week and I feel like it is only going to keep on growing stronger and stronger. It is awesome isnt it! The thing that has been awesome this week is learning about all the stuff Jesus Christ went through even before he was sold away. It is crazy to think that all the people did was tell him he was breaking the law when really he was the law!

S. Well this week we helped some people gleam some orange trees and man was it fun and tasty! Hopefully the other elders can help out as well!

Yep that is what happened here in Fillmore land of the loved! And guess what I got pictures!!!

So there is our ward mission leader acting Chinese.... Elder Moreno and yours truly :), Bernards sister Cynthia (her baby is William) and mother Carmen, that's Bryanna and Rachel, and the Peralta boys with there sister jenny

anyways i hope you enjoy and i wish you all the best of luck... and to the one person who i know reads my blog see you soon..... stalker....

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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