Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Fun Week

October 27, 2014

Hey everyone what is up?

So what are your Halloween costumes this year?

Anyways time for the lo down.

A. This week we had 6 investigators at church! 2 of them have never been and they loved it we're meeting with one of them tonight and are going to teach the Word of Wisdom, its going to be awesome! They also came to the Halloween/fall festival party we had on Saturday it was pretty fun but I got out eaten by a skinny man in a hot dog eating contest........ and that is all I will say on that! But Brianna helped at one of the game booths and at a trunk during the trunk or treat it was awesome, Carina the other investigator brought us a TON of questions that we answered all night and then she rode the bus to get to church it was awesome, her 2 little girls loved primary.

 All in all the party was awesome, we had 3 boys show up (1 skeleton, and 2 zombies) and they had a blast the next day we stopped by to see them and there mom hid their candy it was pretty funny. We had a couple less active families show up, and a less active young women brought her boy friend and her cousin it was pretty cool they had fun!

Back to Brianna we taught her the Restoration and when we were talking about the book of Mormon she stopped us and asked if we had a extra copy for her, and so we gave it to her to read and she said she wants to get baptized so we set her with a date of the 22 of November. So I am praying that I get more time in Fillmore. 

Carina is awesome as well her boy friend who is a less active and the missionaries found him on the street and then they went to look in Santa Paula for the starting time and ran into the Hermanas there and they gave them a tour and gave us a referral and the rest is history, the Hermanas also gave her all the pamphlets and when we went to see her 3 days later see had read every single one! She has a baptism date for the 15th of November. and that is why I must stay in Fillmore!

C. Elder Moreno is awesome we have been working hard and it feels like were hardly working. I will miss him when we do leave which won't be for a while.

T. Well Jesus the Christ is a great book and I have learned at least 3 thing everyday, I have made a goal to finish it in 3 transfers which means I must read 200 pages a transfer, which I can do for sure!

S. Well this week missionary lawn service proved to be awful....... the other Elders (Elder Lopez and Elder Simpson) found a lawn that needed work. so they got permission from the owner to work on it so they signed us up to help rip out what was left of his mans lawn. Now its dirt and the man isn't too happy..... I guess its the thought that counts.

Anyways have a great week love you all!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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