Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello Port Hueneme

November 10, 2014

So turns out that I am not in Oxnard but the Navy base called Port Hueneme it is pretty cool!!

Well it also turns out that I have walked all week and not biked so I haven't yet lose the 15 pounds.....

But this is my awesome week!

A. I LOVE OXNARD AND PORT HUENEME!!! it is awesome here, things are really looking good here. But here is the bad news.... I am awful with names and forgot my planner.... but here is something cool that happened (well I hated it when it happened but now I am fine with it :D) so I got a new tube and lights for my bike grand total of $28 and went home put it all together and pumped up my tire and we rode off about 2 blocks when I rode over a pin and PPWWSSSSHHH (all my air gone sound) and I had a flat!! So we walked the bike home and walked the rest of the week! Turns out that was a blessing for us we had so many opportunities to talk to people we would have missed riding our bikes, at first I was mad at God. But he told me just a little longer and we had an excellent week! God really does work in mysterious ways! So turns out this week was one of the best weeks in my mission!

C. I love Elder Hernandez he is putting his sickle in with all his might and trying his best to do the work of the Lord! He is also someone who can make you smile no matter what!

T. Well this week I read something that has been very profound this week, other then flat tires are blessing... but in Jesus the Christ it talks about what we shouldn't do, talking about repenting for a sin and putting yourself in a place where you can commit the same sin, mainly talking about addictions how if we want to quit we need to build a thick barrier around it so we don't go near it. I thought that was pretty good! I also read something the David O. McKay said, prefacing he said everyday we need to take time to meditate and come closer to God through meditation, he also said that meditation is the door which Christ is knocking and we have to open it to let him in!

S. Well not much happened this week other then we helped a man fix his bike light on the corner!

And dont forget about those pictures!!

There is proof I haven't lose 15 lbs yet....... and That is Hermana Kieth and I at transfer meeting!

Hope they open up right!!

Anyways a great week LOVE YOU

-Elder Joshua Mackay

Elder Joshua MacKay with mission buds for life, Elder Thatcher Smoot and Elder McKay Parrish
Elder Smoot and Elder Parrish grew up together, and Elder MacKay adores them both.

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