Monday, November 3, 2014

Sweet Home Ventura!

Sept 20, 2014

Why hello there!

Well as you might be able to tell this week I went to Ventura, 3 times - Monday (oil change), Friday (interviews) and Saturday (exchange)

On Friday I also got to talk to an old friend who got reassigned to my mission, she lived in my ward in Provo until I  moved to Spanish fork it was awesome to share some story and to hear the other side of her stories I heard from her parents. (Hermana Kiana Keith)

But its time for some ACTS

A. Well to be honest this week felt like a long month it feels like ages ago when I last wrote/typed letters, but we had a awesome time in Fillmore this week, why because we found a new family!!!! We were looking for a lady named Dulce and knocked on her door and a girl named Sissy (sissi not sissy) opened it, so we talked about the restoration with her after she told us she had moved in 2 weeks ago! We then met her mother and had a very powerful lesson with her it was AWESOME, well minus the fact I didn't understand one word she kept using so I thought she said she didn't feel worthy to pray, but what she really said was she can't forgive someone for some thing........ oh well I am learning little by little, but we both bore powerful testimony about the book of Mormon and it was AWESOME!

And another AWESOME this week was exchanges with my Trainer Elder Fairbourne, the best part in Ventura!! I got to talk to my old investigators and some new people it was awesome and this time I didn't get hurt with Elder Fairbourne! that's always the best part! We got to talk to an investigator that I found in Ventura my first week, David Hernandez and turns out he wants to get baptized soon! So I told him that it will totally be worth it and that he should continue to listen and learn from the Elders. It was a great time in Ventura!

C. Well this week Elder Moreno and I had some fun we went to a movie Meet the Mormons and it was really good it was a great rally cry to get us to work together in more unity.

T. this week we watched Meet the Mormons and it was awesome I loved the whole thing and I hope that I can be like them and live a good live and love all those who I come into contact with my personal favorite was the candy bomber that was a very touching story and some day who know maybe I can leave an impact like that on a group of people.

S. well Elder Fairbourne and I had a great time on Saturday crushing beer cans for someone so that they can recycle them easier. It was the most satisfaction we have had in crushing beer cans.

And that my family/friends and others is how one has the best week in his/her life. Hope you have a great week and talk to you soon! And sorry I forgot my cord to get pictures on the emails.

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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