Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 45 - Ventura

July 21, 2014

so this week was great and had a blast in Ventura!

so not a lot happened on Monday. but he had a lesson with a less active family the K's and we talked about family history and we brought a member Bro P who is a family history guru so he got them set up with it all and it was awesome! 

Tuesday. so Tuesday was great for dinner we were going to have a less active come with us so we could talk to her but she texted us about an hour before and said she was bring a friend with her. so she is the best! so we had a great lesson with A, S (the less active) bore her testimony about the Restoration. it was awesome. then we went on a walk with B and we talked about the word of wisdom cause he was a friend in mexico who is Mormon and doesn't drink or do anything so we talked about why we have and what is is for, but he is sick so he doesn't do any other that anyways. and after he went to take a nap and we taught his mom, C. and we talked about the power of pray and the holy ghost! it was a great lesson as well.

Wednesday! we had a great English class but only one person showed up which is alright. we then went to see a less active Wesley and his non member sister! we had a great lesson we talked to them about baptism and what it means and all that fun stuff. we then went to stop by a potential investigator named M we talked about the book of Mormon he took a copy and said he would read but was sure when we could talk again. and finally we talked with S! it was a great lesson we talked about what she thinks about baptism and we just let the spirit ask the questions and stuff so now we know where she is at and how we can teach her!! its going to be great!

Thursday, we had district meeting and then drove to Ventura for interviews with President and Sister Felix, it was good they are awesome! after we helped Fred and i learned how to bend re-bar and the twist wire to hold it in place yep it was pretty fun! i also learned that Elder Parrish is part gofer and can dig holes/trenches like a mad man. but we had another walk with B and talked about baptism and how it is needed and he thinks that he wants to get baptized into our church cause he didn't get the gift of the holy ghost but isn't able to come to church yet so little by little.

Friday, we went to walk with B again but he was feeling under the weather so we taught him and his mother about the Restoration. it was a good lesson it was a little hard as well cause we forgot to ask if they could turn off the TV, but never the less, we did teach and they did understand a little bit and they said they will go to church this coming Sunday! oh and then we drove to Santa Paula to meet the zone leaders for our exchange and i went to Ventura!!!

Saturday in Ventura!! so i got the teach the D family and it was awesome we just read from the restoration pamphlet it was pretty good it was awesome just to see them again! yep and then we went to teach B and hna C was there so we had a great member present lesson and we taught the restoration and we all bore testimony and right as Elder Clough was going to invite her to be baptized the rest of the C family walked in the door and pretty much ended the lesson due to volume level... oh well it was great to see them as well the are going to start the temple prep class on Sunday and soon get sealed forever!!!!!!! yep we had a great day in Ventura, but i had to leave. oh well

Sunday. we talked to R! it was a great lesson we finally found him home but we talked about how in the world we live in today we need god more then ever it. he competing agreed and we talked about how he can come to church (rides) but he said he wants to ride his bike there. it was a great lesson anyway.

well that was my week and it was funny!

pictures are of piru (small town in our area) and lake piru we went up there on p day to see it!

-elder joshua mackay!

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