Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 44 - Another Week with a lot of Work!

July 14, 2014

well hello again its been a great week here in Fillmore California

well last week on Monday a member offered us breakfast so we went at 10 and we had a lesson with J the members boyfriend, he is a pretty cool guy, he thinks god is just anything more advanced then we are and believes that we are clones from another planet. but we had a great lesson until his girl friend came into the room and started to argue with him about what god is... it was interesting but we testified what god is and the spirit was there and ya. He believes the church is true but just God is an alien.. He also wants to be baptized but he is on probation.

On another Monday note my mother asked me to share a story with everyone so here we go!
so on the 30th of June Elder Parrish and I were walking though the store, and we stopped to get Elder Parrish's 3 gallon of milk for that week and a lady asked us if we were almost done shopping. confused we said yes cause well we were almost done, she then said ok well i want to pay for your food so find me at the front when your done. so we finished our shopping and we found her at the front and she then told us she was a member of the Oxnard 1st ward, she paid for our food we thanked her and then we left.

but back to last week!

Tuesday, the only lesson we had that day was with members after dinner. it is one of the zone goals here in the 4s zone to teach members the lessons we teach investigators or edpep with them (edpep is just practicing how to teach) so after dinner with the G family we taught them the restoration, and they helped us a little with our Spanish and it was great. yep that was Tuesday.

Wednesday were went on exchanges with Elder Berg and Elder Hernandez, so i was with Elder Berg in my area and Elder Parrish went to the other side of Fillmore with Elder Hernandez. but Elder berg and I taught H, he is the boyfriend of a less active and we shared with the family and he was there 2 Ne 25:26 it was really good, the father really liked it cause he has been working with this lady to try to get her to take the lessons with the missionaries. he said he might share that with her to see what she thinks about it. we then taught E who is still stuck on the question of why did Jesus need to appear in the america's why couldn't Peter, James, and John go. but he talked about how on tv earlier that day there was an article about the Church talking about the Word of Wisdom so we talked about that, and then his wife came into the room and said "i heard Mormons can't eat fast food" she then said that an old man told us that and he was wearing his embroidered underwear. so we talked about how we can eat fast food. it was a very interesting lesson.

Thursday. all that happened was a sister asked for a blessing for her surgery the next day so we gave her a blessing, and turns out the hospital wasn't ready for her and they had to wait for 3 hours so they cancelled the surgery but her knee felt a lot better.

Friday. so we stopped by S's house but she wasn't home but we talked to her daughter B and her friend D (who came to church on Sunday) so we talked about what she thought about church which wasn't the best. she liked fast and testimony meeting but hated the young women's class. but were slowing working with her.

Saturday. we taught F the Plan of Salvation he asked how the Mormons stand on being saved his church believes that once your saved your saved. but we talked about the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ and how its an on going thing. we also meet with B and we talked how reading the scriptures and pray can help with our day to day lives. it was a good lesson he is very sick so he asked us if we could come walk with him every other day.

Sunday. a lot happened but i only going to talk about W. W is a less active young man who is a public speaker pro (ok he only won in the region but came second in the county) he is very cool he is the only member in his family but his sister and mother and coming to church with him when he does go (once a month) but he said it would be cool to baptize his mom and sister cause he is 17 and could do it. were going to start to work closing with him so he can do it. 

anyways that was the week in the nutshell

so there is some pictures of fillmore and orange trees and some awesome missionaries!!

love you all your the best
-elder joshua mackay

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