Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 43 - Another Great Week

July 7, 2014

hello there we had an awesome week this week, and it was hot here in Fillmore (90 almost all week)

Monday, we had dinner with the V family and we planned a ward open house that will take place in Sept. but we are so excited it is going to be huge, the V's are doing good we are working with Bro V to get him to church and we found ways to get him there!! Now we just need to put the plan into action!

Tuesday (HAPPY CANADA DAY). so in the morning during studies F sent us a text put we didn't read and kept studying and then we went out and taught E, she told us about her weekend she spent in orange country on a marriage retreat sponsored by the catholic church and how after watching the movie passion of Christ (don't watch it. i have heard bad things about it) she felt like there was a bad spirit in there bed, so we talked about prayer and Alma 37:37. and we went to go eat and F sent another text and then we remembered about the first one that asked if we could go help pour concrete at 4 and the second said he got work off early and can come anytime after 1, we were planning on seeing him after dinner but figured before would work to, so me and Elder Parrish learned how to mix, pour and lay concrete. we finished at 6:30 ish and he feed us some dinner. it was pretty fun!

Wednesday, we taught an English class in the morning (Elder Berg and Elder Hernandez joined us for that) and we had 2 people show up A and S, so we taught how to introduce yourself and how to meet people, we then realized that we should have started with the alphabet and taught them that :) it was great we had Hermana V come and Hermano F said he would be there but never showed up. it was great! I felt like hermonos B and C for about an hour :D but in the evening he went to mutual with the young men and our investigator A! they played basketball for about an hour and we had a lesson with them and we used the scripture Alma 53:20, A loved playing with them it was awesome.

Thursday. we taught a couple lesson, and did some more service!! I love service! so after lunch we got a text for H (semi former, meaning her husband doesn't want us to teach her but he likes us working on his yard) asking if we could come pull some weeds and so we changed and headed for Piru! and pulled weeds for an hour and finished the job, turns out her nephew is getting baptized in Santa Paula so she is really excited for that. she is totally golden other then her husband doesn't want her to change. but we changed and headed back to Piru for an appointment with S and she told us about how her reading in the bible is going, and how she applied to her life, her boyfriend M just had shoulder surgery (removed a spur off his rotater cuff) and how Joshua in the bible was awesome and relied on the lord in his trials. (i never told her my name is Joshua...) but it was a great lesson we shared the scripture in the book of Mormon 2 Ne 4:20 and it was perfect!! i love times like that. but we then stopped at a less active family the Z's don't let there name fool you none of them speak Spanish. and we had a great lesson with them but they were heading up to Bakersfield area for the 4th of July so they weren't going to be at church but the wife has Sundays off so hopefully soon she will come with the kids! 

Friday. we had weekly planning lunch and an hour to talk to people before having to go to Ventura to meet President Felix and Sister Felix, but we got a few decs in that hour as we walked around the HUGE car show for the 4th, we hear one man say he would leave his wife for one of the cars..... :/ the world is going places and i am glad that i am not in it. but we had a great time in Ventura meeting the Mission President and his wife and we came back to fillmore to eat dinner and then had to be in our apartments by 7.

Saturday. we went to see F and his yard sale which was doing pretty good on his new cement. ;) but then we had to go to Santa Paula for a Baptism it was awesome tell i ate some raw chicken at the BBQ after the baptism, lesson learned check color before eating. i felt sick for a little bit so i took a nap well Elder Parrish took care of some District Leader stuff  and then we went to see A and we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he said when i gets his answer that is the true church he will get baptized.

Sunday. after church we did some walking to try and find new people but it was 94 so everyone was inside a car or house with the ac on. we had a awesome lesson with the R family about sharing our faith in Chirst with other people it was a good lesson the spirit was very strong.

anyways i got to get going love you all! tell next week!

so the pictures are a lizard that was hanging out on our porch so we caught him and named him lizzy!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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