Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week 42- New Mission President

June 30, 2014

Well hello there i cant see you though the computer screen!

so this week was great Friday President Castro and his family returned home and President Felix and his wife came in. (also new planner this week so i brought the wrong one and am going off memory)

but Monday! Monday was a little rough we didn't have much success but we worked hard and had fun doing it that's for sure

Tuesday, well it seem ,my memory is failing me but this week had some highlights!

Thursday we had a lesson with Ernie and he only had one question that he has been stuck on for 2 weeks Why did Jesus need to go to the Americas and start a church if he had one in Jerusalem? but he is slowly starting to understand why he needed to do that. but he takes everything we teach him to his bible study class at the catholic church and asks the pastor about it. its awesome he is really searching for the truth.

Saturday we had a lesson with Fred it was awesome he had a ton of questions about everything and we had him read about them in the topical guide and it anwsered most his questions. then he bought us some lunch, and we finished and went to see a less active member and he opened the door and asked if we were hungry and elder parrish foolishly said yes and he took us out to eat for the second time in 1 1/2 hours so we both ordered something really small and forced it down and then we had a lesson about his book of Mormon reading, which he hasn't done in a while he said. but we finished the lesson, and checked our phone and a member (less active) asked us to come help move things around at there house, so we did that and they offered us food but we had to decline so they gave us a doughnut each (they didn't let us leave with out one) and then we went to correlation and the ward mission leader gave us a bag of lemons and grapefruit growing off his trees! (soo good) and then a member wanted to take us out for dinner for our 4th meal of the day.... but were sitting there eating and these kids walk by and elder Parrish said hi and the kids looked at him and ran to there mom and said super loud "Mom some man said hi to us and we didn't say hi back!" then the mom said "I am so proud of you" hahaha me and Elder Parrish just started laughing so hard it was awesome!

and that's about all i remember i will do better next week for sure but tell then look at these pictures of bunnies, elder parrish saying the pledge of allegiances to his pufferfish with forever stamps, my district Elder Parrish and me, Elder Berg and Elder Hernandez in the back and Hermana Wallice, Hermana  Haliday, Hermana Killpack and Hermana Newlend. and elder Hernandez and i on a blitz

love you loads take care Bye!!
-elder joshua mackay

Elder Parrish and his blow fish
My district Elder Parrish and me, Elder Berg and Elder Hernandez in the back and Hermana Wallice, Hermana  Haliday, Hermana Killpack and Hermana Newlend

Me and Elder Hernandez

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