Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 46 - People are Awesome!

July 28, 2014

Hello awesome people though out the globe!
Well this week was great a lot of good things happened!

Monday was a normal p day, we went to Santa Paula to a members ranch and picked fruit (a ton of fruit) which was very fun!

Tuesday is when the real fun began we taught 6 lessons that day so briefly: Daisy we shared a scripture - Ether 12:4, it was just what she needed to hear it was a great lesson until her friend came to the door half dressed and we need to leave.... Then we went to Carmen's house and taught her about the book of Mormon and why it is important to read it. Erika had the same lesson with but she wasnt sure if she wants to meet with us because she likes the Catholic church. Then we met with Paul (recently returned missionary) and went to Bernardo's house and took a walk a talked about the Restoration it was a great lesson. At dinner we had a non member eating with us and we talked about the 13 Articles of Faith it was an awesome lesson and he had a lot of questions about the lost tribes. Finally we had a lesson with a someone (I forgot to write her name down) we talked about the plan of salvation and she liked it, but said she is going to stick to her church. That was Tuesday in a nutshell!

Wednesday: well after a day of super awesome things and being way busy we had nothing happen. We did give service to our ward mission leader. We dug some more trenches for water lines.

Thursday,  after district meeting Elder Parrish had to do an Interview for the Santa Paula sisters so we stayed down there for a little bit and ate lunch. Then we met with Bernardo again and followed up on his reading and he read 1 Nephi 4 and he didn't like it at all, neither did his mom, so we talked about why Laban needed to be killed and why God had commanded it. He was still a little confused but understood why it had to happen. In the evening we had a lesson with Ramon and he asked us what happens to those who aren't saved, so we whipped out  2 Nephi 2:27-29 and talked about how we need to choose to not be saved first and then what happens. It was a great lesson.

Friday, we had a great day after we finished weekly planning we brought one of the young men out with us and we visited 3 families with him. First we visited the Zavala family and we just read Mosiah 18 with them because they haven't been reading. Then with Anthony we talked about how the Book of Mormon can help us if we read it and pray to know it is true. Then Angel (the young man) and Anthony set up a time to play basketball together, we wished we could go too. Next we met with Bernardo for the 3rd time this week and he asked us to explain 1 Ne 4 again so we acted it out in his living room it was pretty fun! Then we talked about baptism and he set him self the date of August 30th!!! He is so awesome and ready he just need to come to church! Next we ate dinner and dropped Angel off (he spent 4 hours with us almost! he is the best!) and then we were walking through a park and we saw a family playing so we went to talk to them and turns out it was Bernardo's mom, sister, and nephew, so we talked to the mom as the nephew and sister were running around and we talked about service and shared Mosiah 2 (when your in the service of your fellowmen your only in the service of your god) and she loved it and said that she wants to start sitting in on lessons with Bernardo.

Saturday, its that special day, the day we get ready for Sunday, but we do that on Monday as missionaries... so we went to a baptism in Santa Paula instead it was pretty good. After that we went back to Fillmore/Piru and helped Fred remove some roots from the ground (under some concrete) it was fun we ended up towing it out with his truck. He asked us about the Mormon stance on the Pyramids and we didn't know what that was, so we talked about Moses instead and how they journeyed through the wilderness for ages. Then we went to Fillmore and talked to Bernardo, and walked with him while we talked about the Plan of Salvation (well really just where we came from). it was good he was really excited to hear the rest of it.

Sunday. After church a member asked us to give her a blessing so we went to her house and her non member boyfriend Jerry was there and so we talked about what blessings are and what you need to give them and we gave her a blessing and went to eat lunch. After lunch we stopped by Bernardo's (I am surprised he wasn't told us to leave him alone!) but we finished the Plan of Salvation and he said "in a year i want to go the church in Salt lake with you two" (by church he means temple) :D Then we asked him if he wanted to see the church in Fillmore and he said yes, so we got into our car and he followed us to the church and we gave him a church tour. He LOVED IT, he said he felt peaceful in there and is going to try to be there for church on Sunday!! He is the best but that concluded our Sunday.

Well our week was awesome hope your was a least half as good XD love you all till next week!

-elder Joshua Mackay

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