Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week 41 - Another Day another Victory

June 23, 2014

Hello everyone!!

well this week was cool i didn't hurt myself on p day which is always a plus! XD

so Monday, we had a lesson with a less active family (Ramirez) about blessing and how they work! it has really interesting. the father said that they don't work, so we talked about that and how they do work, he then said when his wife needs one he will "lay her a good one" it was awesome. more to talk about this lesson later in the week.

Tuesday, we had a lesson with Susie and she asked us about family history and temple work, but her daughter's (Brittany) best friend is a member (less active) but Stephanie was there and we were testifying of the spirit we felt in the temple and Susie asked Stephanie if she felt that spirit too. it was awesome Stephanie bore her testimony of temples and how families are together forever, the spirit was very strong. and then we found a new investigator named Erica and we taught her the restoration it was a pretty good lesson, she took a Book of Mormon and said she will read it. ya that's about it for Tuesday

Wednesday! was are only day with a dinner this week.. but we did some service for them to. and i learned how to plant a garden!! ya it was pretty awesome we did that for the Heiberger family and they are a fun family, and we talked about getting them to the temple and getting patriarchal blessings and they said that they just started a plan to start working towards going to the temple and hope to be there as soon as possible.

Thursday was interesting, instead of a district meeting we had a zone meeting so we could see President Castro, Sister Castro and there children before they head back home for Idaho. they will be very missed in this mission, but i am sure President Felix will do good too! but we had a short lesson with a new investigator named Ramon we were following up on him to see if he had read from the restoration pamphlet we gave him and he read it and so we had a lesson to check for his understanding. it was awesome to see people who actual do what they say they will!

Friday. it has links to Monday just you wait!! so after weekly planning we had a lesson with Erine he is very catholic but love to meet with us but believes that the catholic church is the true church and so ya, he is a nice guy though he talked a lot about the Restoration and who god still calls Prophets today it was a pretty good lesson. and we went to the Ramirez to see how they are doing and the father walks into the living room and says "just the 2 people i wanted to see, i need a blessing" that was awesome!! he went from not believing that they work to asking for one, he is a great man so we gave him a blessing of health that he asked for and shared a scripture with him and had to go home before 9.
Saturday we did service for Fred again and this time we even had a lesson! and we talked about the Plan of Salvation and how the more we learn from science the more a line we get, if that makes sense. but it was a pretty cool discussion we had with him he told last week he wasn't looking for a church but now we see he is still searching for the truth. after lunch we went to Santa Paula to find some new investigator for the hermana's and we found a few people with potential.

Sunday, was very interesting as well, i Love Missionary Work!!! but after church we set up chairs for our Spanish members movie night that we invited every Spanish speaking person in Fillmore too, had we stopped at Carmita and Ali's house Ali was at work and Carmita opened the door crying. and we found out for dog had past away the day before. that was a new one for me and Elder Parrish but we said a prayer to comfort her and tried to help her out and it seemed to work but we don't know what happened when we left. but we headed to the movie night and only 8 people showed up. all active members of the church so Elder Parrish and I caught a ride with are Bishop to go to President Castro's open house party in Ventura, it was a lot of fun and i got to talk to some of the branch members as well.

also today was transfer calls and me and Elder Parrish are staying together!!

and the pictures are President Castro Sister Castro and me, Samuel Castro and me, Elder Parrish and his puffer fish (its pretty cool), and a Chinese wedding we passed several time

anyways hope you have a great week i love you all and your in my prayers!

-Elder Joshua Eric Mackay

Wedding they kept passing.

Elder Parrish and his Blow Fish
President and Sister Castro
Samuel Castro

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