Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week 40 - Week 1 take 2

June 16, 2014

well after being in Utah for 2 and 1/2 months i am finally back in California! serving in Fillmore!

so Monday i learned that i hate airports and airplanes but i landed in Santa Barbara 15 minutes early so that was good and then i meet with President Castro and he took me and the Assistants to dinner with his family Sis Castro and Samuel and Hannah (his 2 kids) and then the Assistant drove me to Fillmore to meet up with elder Mckay Parrish my new companion!! he was my district leader in Carpinteria!

Tuesday we started the day by  visiting the Lien family Paul and his wife Linda, Paul is waiting for a heart for a heart transplant and so they were packing their bags to go somewhere to try and find a heart. they also wanted to take us to that movie "God is not died" but we cant go :( oh well maybe in 14 months i will see it. we then went to visit the Ramos family who both speak perfect English and Spanish so that was cool they are less active members and are so much fun to be around so we shared a scripture with them that i read in the morning 1 peter 1:8. and in the evening we meet with another less active who wanted to do a Book of Mormon class with us so we started to read the Book of Mormon and then she fell asleep, mind you she is 85 or something like that so after we read 2 chapter she said that was good for today and we prayed and then she went to bed. it was an interesting lesson.

Wednesday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders (elder James, and elder Clough) and i went with elder James who served 3 months in this area so he knew it better then i did, but we taught alot of lessons, the good one were with Cinthia and Rosielia, Bernardo, and Mucio. Cinthia and her mom Rosielia were walking down the street and couldn't stop to talk so they asked if we could walk with them so we walked with them for 2-3 blocks having a discussing how faith in Jesus blesses our lives it was really cool to talk to them and after they told us to go talk to there brother/son bernardo, so we did. in the lesson with Bernardo we talked about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration, its was a great lesson he told us how his "so called friend" peer pressured him into taking drugs that have made him sick for the past 3 years but he also said that is has brought him closer to his family and Jesus as well. it was pretty awesome. after we finished that lesson we were walking down the street and ran into Mucio who stopped and talked to us and we talked about the Book of Mormon and we gave him one to read and all that fun stuff and he asked us to come to his house on Thursday. he is awesome!

Thursday me and elder Parrish learned that God has a sense of humor.. but after District Meeting we came back to Fillmore and went to work. he then learned in is impossible to teach Spanish people when the world cup has a game going... but we stopped by Mucio's house and talked to him who taught his wife about the Book of Mormon and she is reading it a little (he doesn't like to read so he thought it was better for her) but it was hard to teach them cause they couldn't turn off the world cup cause mexico was playing some team so during commercial break we had a quick prayer and left them to there game. in the evening we returned to Santa Paula cause one of the sister asked for a blessing. that was a awesome experience the spirit was so strong it confirmed to me that this is where i need to be, i didn't even give the blessing so i can only imagine what was going though his mind.

Friday so I had my first weekly planning since and a long time and it was good. but we talked to Jonnie and she is getting pretty old and we shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon that had applied to some stories she told us it was pretty awesome. but after we said the prayer and cop pulled up and asked elder Parrish and I to come and talk to him, we were and little scared but didn't do anything wrong we thought but turns out he wanted our help in looking for an escaped mental patientand told us to call 911 if we see her. after that we took a deep breathe and kinda went detective mode looking for this person well heading over to our next lesson with Susy. Susy is a honey farmer kinda, she has 3 hives and make her owe honey (we have a couple jars its so good!) but he taught her and her boyfriend Marci. we talked about Alma 34:32-34 after she shared a story that happened early that day when her mom asked her to give a bag of chips to a homeless man she said no and felt bad repent and gave the man a bag of chip it was a pretty cool story it goes into more detail then that but thats the jest of it.

Saturday, in Fillmore California there was the National BBQ contest on Saturday, it smelt SO GOOD!! but we never tried anything... oh well. but not a lot of people showed up in the morning so we talked to a few people and left for correlation and then we made some stop after and learned that everyone went to the BBQ contest so we went over there and talked to one of the cooks and he cooked alone but his team name was Give it to God and he was teaching people about the bible as he cooks so he talked to us about what we do and we talked about have faith in Jesus it was pretty awesome.

Sunday was different. we tried to see a lot of people but no one wanted to talk to us. but we finally found someone who wanted to talk. Mucio we saw him across the street and he saw us and we talked for a little about families and then out of the blue he told us that he was a house in mexico and we can go stay there if we wanted to... it was a great offer but i was a little interesting so we talked about his house and he said when we finish our missions we can take our families down there. so i don't know what to think about it. 

Anyways i had a great week here hope you had one where ever you were but i love you all see you next week!

-elder Joshua Mackay

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