Friday, May 29, 2015

Exchanges... 3 in 3 days!

May 25, 2015

well hello there!

It has been a great week and we found a TON of tanks, it was awesome.

A. well this week we went on a hand full of exchanges it has been very good. We had some solid lesson with Cynthia this week and they were awesome. The first one was with Elder Toa and we talked about small and simple thing and I failed the lesson - of counting all the "f"s in 1 nephi 1:1 it has a good one and I even learned things, and then we talked about prayer, it was very good. The prayer lesson was with Elder Fyffe, it was a good lesson as well and she commented on praying about going on a mission and hopefully that goes well.

Exchanges went very well with Elder Toa we found a couple of great solid people and it was an awesome day. Then with Elder Fyffe we had a good day, but appointments fell through and it was just rough... but it was very fun!!! and then with Elder Goad in the english ward it was awesome we found some people to talk to and it was an awesome day!

One of the people we found on exchanges was Liz. The sisters wrote that there was a awesome guy and no name so we tried it and she opened and wanted to learn more about our church. and so we talked and it was awesome!! we are going back this week to follow up on her reading!

C. well out of all the companions I have had this week, I missed Elder Jones the most. It was been awesome working with him and hopefully it doesn't end next week but I would love to be at transfer meeting to see all my friends leave, well mixed feelings - I would and I wouldn't. its a rough life....

T.  this week I learned that English Elders can't speak spanish.... and that when they do testify of what they think you taught it still invites the spirit and it was awesome to see the spirit working through the language barrier.

S. this week we sorted rotten apples from good one at the food bank.. it was awesome!!!

On exchanges with Elder Fyffe we missed the turn and almost left the mission area but we turned left and found a ton of tanks and a chinook heli flying around so we took pictures acted like spies and left... it was fun.

anyways have a great week!!!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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