Thursday, May 28, 2015

Another Week in Paso Home to gross water!

May 4, 2015

well this week i learned the water here is bad BAD.

But it was a great week!

A. Well paso robles is awesome, I love it here, this weekend we had a mothers day party in the branch and it was a huge hit! we worked super hard on making sure all the less active mothers in the ward knew about it and finding them rides to get there and they did we fill the little gym we used and there wasn't any food for the late comers. which is bad but for us it was great cause so many people came!!! 

this week was been a little bit slower then other weeks we worked super hard but it just felt like time stood still for a lot of this week. but we had some great lesson with Andriana, it was awesome we had planned to talk to a less active about prophets so we had a Liahona with us from May of last year to show them how the prophets were and read some talks but we brought it to meet with Andriana and she asked about the magazine and so we talked to her about prophets and such, and then a couple of days later we meet with her again and she asked us why we decided to serve missions and so we talked about our conversion stories and bore testimonies and there was a powerful spirit, but then she noticed she was late for work and had to leave.

C. Elder jones was a very powerfull testimony he is a great elder and he will be a great elder until the day he dies in 50+ years

T. W
ell this week I found some old testament dvd and watched them during lunch and had a great crash course on the old testament it was a great refresher! 

S. this week we helped someone old move a ton of furniture into someones apartment and boy was it heavy!!!

but ya this week was great and more fun thing are to come!! I can feel it in the air, or is that just the gross water particles who knows anyways have a great week sorry no pictures this week but I will have some for next week!!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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