Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

May 11, 2015

well how is it going? good great!!

ok well this week was awesome and were is what happened!

A. Paso is doing awesome! something I learned this week is that the full name of Paso Robles, is the city of el paso de los robles. which i thought was funny!

but we had a less active we have been working with invite us to watch her play soccer and we were in the area and stop by for a second and i guess we were bad luck charms cause her wrecked her ankle, well not to badly but she won't be playing soccer for a couple weeks, but since I played football for awhile, I semi know how to take care of injured limbs. We helped her tape it up and taught her the basics of treatment and I gave her some of my good icy hot to feel better she says she is doing a lot better.

but thats not the point, she is so hard to meet up with cause she is always playing soccer and now she can't so we had a couple super solid lessons with her this week and she said she will pray about going on a mission and work on reading PMG to learn more about what we and her best friend do from day to day.

we also had a investigator come to church he is in a part member family the parents are less active and she wanted to feed us this week but after a lesson with the son this week we learned that he is totally ready for baptism but his dad is not ready to baptize him. so we are going to start focusing on the dad. and go from there.

C. Elder Jones is awesome and he has a great family too. but this week a learned a lot about Elder Jones that I would never have thought of in my live, there is a member who is really good at reading people and there personalities we talk to him for 5 minutes and he know us just about as good as our parents do it was super cool and he talked about what it means and what we do and even talked about what type of person were going to marry, that was the weirdest part but we will see in a couple years.

T. well this week something happened yesterday at church.... the speakers didnt show up both of them..... so the branch president said he will talk for a second and then open it up for other people to talk, so I being a missionary thought oh I better get something together to share just in case and then I learned that there are so many great stories of mothers in the scriptures and thats awesome there is: eve, mary, the mothers of the stripling warriors, emma was also a faithful mother and wife, and then sariah. the list is endless and it was a great talk I prepared and didn't even use because the president talked for the whole hour and he did a good job too!

S. this week we did some volunteer work at the food bank and it was a ton of fun! and smelly too!!!

so guess what i found my camera!! but i never lost it!!
so that is lake nacimiento to get to the northern part (were people live) we have to leave the mission for 2 miles. it was fun going up there though

well have a great day!!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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