Monday, April 20, 2015

Bye Bye Newbury

April 20, 2015

Well I am leaving Newbury.... as much as I dont want to!

But I will be going to Paso Robles into a Spanish Branch.

But that's not all, last night we had a mission wide fire side and we had someone show up.
His name starts with a D and end with avid Arculeta, yes David Arculeta came and visited our mission!

But this is how the week went:

A. well my last week in Newbury park was great I learned a very awesome skill, Baking. A less active member taught me how to bake Tres Leches and it was super fun and they even came to church this past Sunday! It was awesome I love Mexican food.

As it is my last day here, which sucks... I love this place so much, all the people I meet like Angel and his family, the Rivera family and Zeya, Elena, Rodolfo and many many more and plus I hate goodbye and suck at saying them. The thing I learned from these people is incredible, from Angel I learned that anything is possible even when the odds are stacked against you, the Rivera family taught me how to love and support each other and how to suck it up and HIT, from Rodolfo I learned that there is never a dull moment in life and if you think there is just look around you and see all the beauty there is in this earth.

The members here are awesome. Seth is awesome, he is doing his very best to prepare himself to serve a mission by inviting his entire football team to play basketball with us. Our ward mission leader bro Judd is working so hard to get the ward leader to do their jobs with us to work as one, our unit leader bro Jensen is just full of love for every person that we need to help. Those are only a couple of examples about how this area is the greatest or one of the greatest areas in this mission.

But as good as Newbury is I hope Paso will be the same.

C. Well Elder Berg is awesome we got to go to the temple on his birthday and it was just a fun day he is awesome and I hope he works hard for his last transfer he is entering.

T. Well last night with bro. David Arculeta it was awesome, the spirit was very strong, I thought it was super cool when he sang the last song "glorious" because I could tell that song means a lot to him and he loved to be a missionary he has done a lot of missionary work both before and after his mission. Well during his mission as well! I can do the same. and I will.

S. This week we helped our ancestors in the temple. But we also helped Jim clean up his back yard.

Yep it was awesome this week was great : temple, Davie, and a lot of fun!

ok we have Seth and his father, and then his family. the Warne family. and the temple

See you around!

-Elder Joshua Mackay 

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