Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Week #becausehelives

April 6, 2015

well this week was awesome!!

And this is what happened.

A. Here in the los Robles Spanish unit it seems that something isn't clicking. People come to church, they show up, but through out the week we see them doing thing that they shouldn't be doing and I am sick and tired of it. We have talked to everybody we can find, we knock on doors and we do a lot of service, but there isn't a lot of stuff happening, and then the weird thing happens, I am not upset about it, it is just fine. I love it in fact. I really hope that I can stay here longer, if I could get my wish,  until I finish my mission. Something that has happened to me to this point, is as long as I am doing the thing I am supposed to do, then everything else just falls into place. 

This week we had an awesome opportunity to talk with Angel and talk about what he is doing with his life, his body has fallen apart because of his choices and he knows that he was been a member for almost his whole life and wasn't been living it, but Elder Berg and I needed a ride to the temple and he seemed like the perfect person to take us, well his wife would drive because he is very blind. We were able to talk to him about temple blessings and how he should set a goal to go there someday it was great!

So this week being General Conference we watched it all alone in the church, there was less then 10 members who showed up to watch it with us, but we had an investigator text us after the Sunday sessions were over and she said she loved it and that Elder Zabellos talk was her favorite. It was awesome!!

C. Elder Berg this week has been coming down with something, cold or something similar. but he was never complained or anything and we worked pretty hard this week it was good!

T. Well the big question that I brought to conference is: what is the most important thing to do after my mission. and every person talked about the answer it was very clear to me what I should do. I really enjoyed elder M Russel Ballard's I thought it was cool how he talk about raising the bar for new missionaries and here i am and now he wants us to raise the bar for when we get home it was pretty cool to think about.

S. This week we help move a barn... yep a barn! Well unload the barn for the trailer and stack all the wood together it was pretty fun!!

so general conference was great. everything else is great and it going to be funny!

So to the family who want to send me something for my birthday, the 21st is a transfer day so I might not be here in Newbury so if you want to send something send it to
3301 W Gonzales Dr
Oxnard, CA
that the mission office they will make sure it gets to me 

oh and pictures!!
so we have a balancing egg, post easter egg hunt put on by a member here. and a puzzle i have been working on in my spare time

and go watch because he lives the new one

hope you had a great week!
-Elder Joshua Mackay 

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