Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Week down the drain

April 13, 2015

Well hello there, everyone looks pretty happy well at least those whose faces I know!

well its week 6 so hopefully I don't get transferred cause those suck sometimes

well this is my week!

A. well I LOVE Newbury Park this was been one of my favorite areas so far. What is really wierd about that is that this is such a slow area and it a lot of hard work. Which normally I get tired of pretty fast but it seems to me that my faith booster fuel supply was been awesome here. 

This week we had exchanges and I went with Elder Gaylor and we just went to las casitas it was awesome! We talked to everybody we crossed paths with, we did a little service, we went to go see some members who moved and see if they needed anything it was just a great day. Then we went to see Zeya. who said she would get baptized in the future but isn't sure if she is ready for that step now, which is good but the sooner the better right! We are going to focus on her this week and see what happens.

This week we talked with Elena, she is a former - she got really sick so we couldnt see her- and on the exchange I thought we could stop by and see if she is around and she was feeling awesome is what she told us and that she wants us to start teaching her again and then she made us some tamales which were awesome.

C. Well elder Berg was been awesome I really hope we can stay together this transfer. That would be great, he is just awesome, he doesn't say much but you can tell he is always thinking about stuff and hopefully its good stuff which I am sure it is!

T.  Well this week I had my patience tested, we set up a tv with chrome cast to watch part of conference during Sunday school and all we needed to do was hit play and it would have started to play, but some of the members -bless there hearts- thought that we wanted to tv on the other side of the room. and unplugged the tv and then moved it over there. which then turned everything off and then when we were setting it up again, a member thought she could help by putting the cords on the tv stand and well she lifted up the power bar to move it she turned it off........ and we had to start the whole set up process over again. Now many of you who knew me would know i would have got VERY annoyed at that but yesterday everything was fine. and I realize that I have changed a LOT. which is good.

S. This week we helped someone trim their tree so it could fit into a fire place.

It was a lot of fun best part about it is a member went to canada to visit his girl friend and brought my some caramilks!!!

and so last week p day we went to the m.a.s.h. site so here are some pictures, never watched to show but some of you older people might have, a member said its also on netflix if you want to watch it

but have a great week!

-Elder Joshua Mackay

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