Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another Week in the Dust!

March 23, 2015

Well hello there!

So this week was been very awesome, we had a great time with a lot of communicating with other missionaries to get work done!

But this is how it went! 

A. the los Robles unit is doing awesome we have started to work outside of the los Robles ward as an out reach to find new investigators, for some reason the missionaries never left the los Robles ward when we cover three English wards.. So we have been doing that and seeing miracles in that as well!

We have also been trying to work with the Hermanas in the other side of the stake to re-draw areas cause we had 2 different lines (one for investigators and one for less actives) and so we got that figured out and there is a new energy in the unit they are excited to have the Hermanas there its going to be great! When I started my mission I never knew there was so much stuff behind the scenes in missionary work.

But on that note we had a great time this week we found another less active family that moved into our area and they are awesome but very shy... that's always fun, trying to figure out who everyone is and how there related to one another, and no one says anything. but it was good because half of them came to church!! it was awesome they said they will bring the other half this week!

C. Elder Berg is awesome, he is super funny, this week we have been having a blast and he really isn't as different then he seem to be at first!

T. this week we got zone goals (put into action) and I studied my patriarchal blessing and I discovered that I really am a big lump of clay right now and I could be made into many different things and do anything really, well as long as the Lord wants it to happen!

S. We got a call from bishop this week and he has a friend of a friend who needed help moving and they had started packing and had 4 days to get out of the house..... it was very fun and a lot of hard work and it was exactly what I wanted to do this week move some stuff around!

Hope you have a great week see you next week!

there is a picture of someones china house on their hill.. rich people making cool looking things

but have fun got to run!
-Elder Joshua Mackay

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