Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8?

December 8, 2014

What the heck has happened with the past 2 months gone way to fast, time should get a ticket for speeding. No really

So transfers are next week what do you think is going to happen?

This is what happened this week!

A. well this week was nuts! the zone leaders challenged us to get 7 member presents (members at lessons) and guess who reached that goal...... WE DID. We had some awesome lessons and some miraculous ones as well we worked hard and it payed off!! We had awesome lessons with Marithza and her mother a recent convert and she was going to get baptized but doesn't know anymore and we are going to start to work with the father to get him baptized because then the kids will follow, hopefully!!

We also have been working with a less active family that rents out their room and we had 2 great lessons there with 2 diferent people! I love spanish houses!!! We then had one other lesson with a less active mother and her son who just turned 10 and has been baptized. It was awesome to see that we had a goal and we didn't think we could have made but then God leads the way and prepares it for us to reach our worthy goals!

This week was also the start of a new advertisement called "He is the gift" if you haven't seen it your nuts. But it was awesome to try a give out at least 10 cards a day but we only made it twice... but there is always this week!

C. Elder hernandez is awesome he is working super hard to become a better person, and from stories I have heard he has done a pretty good job and there is only one way he can go and that is to the best!

T. Well where is my question? What does the atonement mean for you?
This week I learned something that has changed my life forever. I learned that Jesus Christ could have only died if he wanted it to happen, He gave the ok for him to give you his body. And that is what he did after he suffered so much, was to bring him to ask if there is no other way and he finished his test and because he did that we will all see our loved one again and we will all live again!

S. This week we did a ton from lighting up houses and giving out food, to make Christmas trees out of food cans.. yes trees made out of cans. It was awesomely fun.

I never thought making a can tree would be so fun.

Anyways have a good week see you next week!

-Elder Joshua Mackay
Food can trees

In the car with Elder Barlow and Elder Sorenson

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